The biggest cars in the world (photo) (2022)

The list "The biggest machines in the world" is headed by the giant walking excavator Big Muskie 4250 W, built by the American company Central Ohio Goal in 1969. Only the bucket of this huge machine was 49 meters in length and 46 - in width. Over 30 years of work in the quarry, the unit has moved 460 million cubic meters of overburden, thanks to which 20 million tons of coal were mined.

Mechanical giants

The largest machines in the world are amazing in their size. It's hard to believe that such giants are created by human hands. The coefficient of efficiency of these machines can not be calculated, although the cost of producing giants can be calculated.

Transport tasks and means for their implementation

The timely transportation of various materials plays an important role in the industry. It can be raw materials or finished products. In order to move the goods to a certain distance, vehicles are needed. And to move large lots, you need a lot of vehicles, or carriers must be very roomy and have a significant load-carrying capacity.

Giant on the wheels

The list lists the 10 largest vehicles in the world:

  1. The first place is occupied by BelAZ-75710 - a car-giant of Belarusian production, the carrying capacity of which is 450 tons according to the passport. In 2014 the giant was inscribed in the "Guinness Book of Records" after having carried a cargo weighing 503.5 tons at the test site.
  2. In second place - Caterpillar-797, American quarry dump truck with carrying capacity of 363 tons, the drive to the wheels of which is transferred from a power generating set of two thousand liters. With., Consisting of two diesel super-engines.
  3. The third place - BelAZ-75600. It raises 360 tons and is capable of working round the clock without a break, rotation on all wheels is provided by electric motors that feed the diesel generator set.
  4. BelAZ-756001 is on the fourth place. Load-carrying capacity - 350 tons, speed on a line - up to 64 km / hour. The car is serviced by a crew of seven.
  5. The fifth place is occupied by the legendary German Liebherr T282C (capable of transporting 360 tons), which has the best maneuverability among its class members. It differs by high-speed unloading of bulk cargo. The car body rises to the highest point in 50 seconds, after which the dump begins.
  6. The sixth place is Terex MT 6300. The overall dimensions are much smaller than their counterparts, it raises 262 tons of cargo. Very dynamic and fast, was built in 2008. Since then, he has worked in industrial quarries for the extraction of iron ore.
  7. In seventh place is also Terex MT. The dimensions of the car are the same as those of the predecessor, and the cargo raises more - 360 tons, which is explained by the strengthened undercarriage, and also by the modernized power plant with a capacity of 3200 liters. from.
  8. In eighth place in size - Liebherr T282B dump truck. The body holds 363 tons, the power of the power plant exceeds 3600 liters. from. (It provides a 20-cylinder engine with a cylinder capacity of 90 liters).
  9. The ninth place was taken by the Japanese dumper-giant Komatsu 960E with the carrying capacity of 360 tons. The engine develops a capacity of 3500 liters. from. The car is the most economical in its class.
  10. In the last place - Caterpillar-795F. It raises 313 tons, the speed on the road is 64 km / h. The model has efficient wheeled electric drives powered by a powerful generator set. The car is considered the best in the characteristics of controllability, deceleration parameters, as well as braking to a complete stop.

Hard work

The above list of "The world's largest machines" (top 10 superloaders) is far from being a complete list of aggregates of giant sizes. There are many more. The giants work mainly in quarries of the mining industry. Iron ore, coal, bauxite and other minerals are mined on an industrial scale and transported to processing sites with the help of super-powerful cars.

Often transportation requires overcoming significant distances, it can be a hundred and two hundred kilometers. Most superloaders are designed for driving on motorways, but at the same time the escort should be provided with escort throughout the journey. This can be departmental cars equipped with special alarms, flashing beacons and other similar attributes. Sometimes the car is accompanied by a police car.

The biggest cars in the world

In the second half of the 20th century, the development of technology rose to unprecedented heights. In addition to the giant mining machines, cars were built that went far beyond the usual standards. Serial production of such models has never been, they were produced by single specimens and immediately became rarities.

The largest cars in the world are included in the category of objects of special attention. Since people are always interested in the unusual, automotive manufacturers try to play on this, create a pilot sample, surprise the public in order to raise their reputation. This is fully possible for US companies that have a huge production potential. The technology of assembling unique models is constantly being improved, and the largest cars in the world regularly descend from experimental pipelines in different countries.

The role of the countries of the Old World

Europe is also trying not to lag behind in this kind of competition. The production of non-standard models is considered a prestigious occupation among the leading manufacturers of the Old World. For example, the concern "Mercedes-Benz" from time to time produces superclass limousines over 12 meters long with a unique interior space. In some models, even shower-type seats are provided.


The list "The biggest cars in the world" is regularly replenished with new copies. These machines immediately find their buyer - a high level of exclusivity is the main criterion of their attractiveness. It is impossible to apply the measurements and characteristics that are used to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of conventional cars to very large models. They have their own scale of definitions, moreover, single specimens can not be classified in any way, except for individual parameters.

First models

The largest passenger cars in the world are a special category. Some models were built at the dawn of the automotive industry, such as the Bugatti 41, which for a long time remained the longest car in Europe. Serial production of such machines was an inadmissible luxury because of the high cost, but individual copies were produced.

The best cars

In the seventies of the twentieth century, the rating of the largest cars in the world was compiled. It reflected the topical priorities at that time. A similar scale exists today. The 10 largest cars in the world are on the list, compiled on the basis of the dimensional data of the participants. The ranking is presented in descending order.

The first place - behind the car Superbus, created by the Dutch designer Vobo Oskelz for millionaires. The length of the car is 15 meters, the chassis on six wheels, the speed can not speak. The model was used as a special transport for small travels of a company of like-minded people from the sphere of big business. However, an indispensable condition for the operation of the car was the space, because its dimensions did not allow to move along city streets.

The second place is occupied by the French car L'Aiglon, released in 1940. At a length of 7 meters the car accommodates only two passengers, including the driver. This model assumed the luxurious movement of the newlyweds from the church after the wedding.

In third place is located Bugatti 41 Royal (1927 edition). The length of the body is 6.7 meters, there are only six such cars all over the world. The legendary machine is still the object of the desire of many collectors.

The fourth place is given to IL Tempo Gigante with a motor of 800 liters. from. And a length of 6.6 meters. This unique car, spending a fantastic amount of fuel, did not have a clearly defined scope of use. Perhaps the owners bought the car only for reasons of prestige.

Fifth place - for the American Freightliner Sport Chasis - cargo-and-passenger supercar, whose length is 6.5 meters, and weight - 8 tons. This is an extremely specific machine, high and uncomfortable. In the cabin - relative comfort, but the interior suppresses its space, which has nothing to do with comfort.

Thrust recorders

The sixth position is occupied by the largest in the world pickup Commercial Extreme Truck length of 6.55 and a height of 2.55 meters, the capacious body of which, equipped with high sides, could accommodate a large volume of cargo.

In the seventh place is the five-ton giant Ford F650. The length of the car is 6.5 meters, and the power of the engine puts the car in the first place in terms of speed characteristics. This model could be considered a family minivan if its dimensions were slightly smaller.

In the eighth position is the elite Argonaut Smoke, the most luxurious car from the supercountry. It features an unprecedentedly powerful engine in 1010 liters. With., The length of the car is 6.2 meters. The capacity of a supercar is 8 people.

The ninth place - at Bucciali TAV in length of 5,79 meters. The car at one time competed with Bugatti Royal. There is much in common between these two models: a compact cab located at the rear, an outstanding front, stylish front fenders and a classic radiator in a chrome frame.

The tenth place in terms of dimensions takes The largest SUV-SUV in the world of Ford Excursion. Its length is 5.76 m, width - 2.3 m, height - 1.97 m, weight of the car - 4320 kg. The car, as befits a jeep, all-wheel drive scheme, but all wheels are connected only in case of a difficult traffic situation. Under normal conditions, the machine operates in a front-wheel drive mode.

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