As a rule, the largest machines mean special vehicles for work in the mining industry for transporting multi-ton cargo or drilling wells, but among the giants there are also cars and even buses that are striking in their power and dimensions. If the former are created for a practical purpose, then the latter imply the owner's desire to stand out among other motorists.

Further, we propose to find out what is the largest car in the world and what its capabilities are, having familiarized yourself with the top-10 rating, which includes the largest industrial special transport and even one bus.

What is the largest passenger car in the world in 2021

Talking about the largest trucks, it is impossible to ignore cars. So, for May 2021, the Chevrolet C-4500 Kodiak pickup with UltraRide air suspension, developed on the basis of a truck, is considered the largest passenger car in the world.

The car was produced in America from 2000 to 2010 for farmers and rural residents in small cities in the American province, where there is no problem with parking. It boasts a double cab, 3t payload, and a 300hp 8-cylinder V-type diesel engine. with., thanks to which it creates a good competition for our KamAZ.

In Russia, Kodiak is sold for 5-28 thousand dollars, and if you wish, you can even bring the largest car in the world from America.

Top 10 largest cars in the world

The top 10 largest cars in the world include:

  1. Bagger 288 is the number one of the largest mountain harvesters in the world. Just to accommodate it, you will need an area the size of 2 football fields.
  2. Goliath 2570W - the boom length of such an excavator is 122 m, and the bucket weight is as much as 250 tons, while the machine itself weighs 6775 tons.
  3. Komatsu D575A-3 sd is a huge bulldozer with a height of 4.9 m and a weight of 150 tons.
  4. Liebherr Mammoth LTM is the largest truck crane in the world, requiring as many as 9 pairs of wheels to move, and hydraulic supports are provided for stability.
  5. The Belarusian BelAZ 75710 is the largest production car in the world, which is used even on other continents.
  6. Liebherk T282B is a direct competitor to our Belaz. Until recently, this Swiss was considered the largest mining dump truck.
  7. BelAZ 75601 - "Belarusian" with a carrying capacity of 360 tons, capable of "wiping his nose" to Western competitors.
  8. Caterpillar 7907B - The weight of each tire of this mining giant reaches up to 5 tons.
  9. Terex 33-19 Titan - despite its age (released from the assembly line in 1973), in 2021 it remains in the top ten.
  10. The Superbus is a giant executive bus that can seat 23 passengers.

Each of these vehicles is the largest in its segment. Being next to them, you feel like a grain of sand, from which they even more attract hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of each of them separately.

Bagger 288

The Bagger 288 is the largest bucket wheel excavator built in the 1990s, 90 m high, 36 wide and 14,200 t with 18 buckets. Within 24 hours, the machine is capable of handling up to 240,000 m3 of rock, which will require 3,822 KAMAZ or a train with 2,400 wagons to transport it. It is surprising that such a colossus provides minimal pressure on the soil, due to the fact that it is equipped with 12 support tracks up to 4 m wide. The giant is driven by 16 electric motors that consume 16.5 MW of electricity (this is enough to power the settlement).

Goliath 2570W

One of the largest machines in the world, the Goliath 2570W is an oversized excavator. Its height reaches 65 meters, and its weight is 6,775 tons. During the day, it carries up to 48,000 tons of rock. Now he is in Canada, where he mines coal from a depth of 35 m.

Komatsu D575A-3 sd

The Komatsu D575A-3 sd bulldozers are widely used by the largest mining enterprises in Canada, Australia and America, where they received the nickname Super Dozer. It is so large (weight - 153 tons, length - 11.72 m, width - more than 7 m, ground pressure - 160 kPa / sq. Inch) that for transportation the machine has to be disassembled in parts. This bulldozer is powered by a 12-cylinder direct injection turbocharged diesel engine SA12V170E (1167 hp).

Liebherr Mammoth LTM

Liebherr Mammoth LTM is the world's largest mobile crane used in the construction and mining industries.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Carrying capacity -1,200 tons.
  • Arrow - 100 m.
  • The highest lifting height is 188 m.
  • Boom reach - 136 m.

At the same time, when folded, the Mammoth moves freely along the highway, thanks to its dimensions of 20x3x4 m.

BelAZ 75710

BelAZ 75710 is a dump truck weighing 350 tons, capable of transporting up to 450 tons of cargo at a time. As tall as two double-decker British buses, this truck is equipped with a power unit that is 2 times more powerful than any Formula 1. Each tire can carry up to 120 tons. In addition to two-cylinder diesel engines, 3430 kW or 4600 hp. with., 4 electric motors with a torque of 18.626 Nm are installed here.

Liebherr T282B

Liebherr T282B is the largest truck in the world, measuring 4.5x9x 7.4 m and weighing 592 tons, capable of a speed of 64 km / h and transporting crushed stone weighing up to 363 tons at a time. The machine with a tire diameter of 55 / 80R63 is equipped with 20 Detroit Diesel cylinder engine with a volume of 90 liters and a capacity of 3650 liters. from. A large truck must have good brakes to keep it safe on the road, so the design engineers fitted the model with dual disc front and rear disc brakes, as well as a handbrake with a maximum incline of 15%.

BelAZ 75601

BelAZ 75601 was created in 2010 for the 50th anniversary of the chief designer of the Belarusian plant. According to its characteristics, it almost completely repeats its late brother, the 75710 series. It has a carrying capacity of 360 tons and is equipped with an MTU 20V400 (MTU 20V400) power unit with a capacity of 3807 horsepower. It develops a speed of up to 64 km / h and, with its dimensions, is relatively maneuverable.

Caterpillar 7907В

The Caterpillar 7907B is the second largest truck designed for mining applications. Its body can accommodate up to 345 tons of bulk cargo. It is used for transportation of coal, metal ores. Powered by the Cat C175-20 ACERT diesel engine (4000 hp). It features a smooth ride thanks to a 7-speed gearbox. Excellent resistance to extreme low temperatures.

Terex 33-19 Titan

The Terex 33-19 Titan is a Canadian-made dump truck that was considered the largest vehicle of its kind in the mid-1970s. Weighing 235 tons, it can hold up to 350 tons of cargo. The maximum speed that a car can reach is 48 km / h, which until relatively recently was practically a record for a similar vehicle. These characteristics were achieved thanks to a V16 diesel engine with a volume of 169.5 liters and 4 additional engines. It has been decommissioned since 1992 and can be seen in the Canadian Museum in Sparwood in 2021.


Superbus is a unique bus of its kind. Outwardly, it resembles a 15 meter limousine with 16 doors and six wheels. The width of this miracle of the automotive industry reaches 2.55 meters, while the height is 1.65 meters. Such a bus can accommodate 23 businessmen with comfort, who during the trip will enjoy climate control, Internet and television (each has its own TV set). The speed of such a car is also surprising - up to 250 km / h.

Now you know which cars are the largest in the world in 2021. Which one impressed you?

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