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  • ki****i

    Wow!!Amazing bags!!Speedy delivery ordered 12/ 1 arrived 12/14!The genuine real leather trim handles will lend to the proper patina that these designer bags are known for,The side seem flower logos line up perfectly as they should and not one letter logo cut or chopped.If next to real one there may be a slight difference if at all doubtful anyone can notice they even have the hidden serial numbers!The hardware font is pretty spot on!Color of body is excellent.There is a strong smell of PU(polyurethane)leather when first opened(from the body of the bag)hoping a few days of airing out will help.They shipped in a plastic wrap over bubble wrap in a designer dust bag.If you want a quality dupe bag don't hesitate.I can not tell you how much I love these bags!The seller communication was excellent. So excited that I am getting my next order ready- buying many more for my store!Thank you for a great product speedy shippment.. looking forward to doing much more business with this store!

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  • jo****0

    REAL REVIEW: First, I ordered three (3) bags but the seller only shipped two (2) bags. I reached out to the seller and understood the situation and shipped one (1) bag. I told the seller that the bag was supposedly a gift but didn’t make it on time and it took another month for the bag to arrive. So, in total - two freaking months of waiting for partial deliveries. Fast forward, I ordered again three (3) bags from this seller since the bag quality looks ok for a dupe. But, I only received one (1) bag out of the three (3) bags that I’ve ordered. Not sure if I can trust this seller again. I would have understood if such logisitics hiccup only happened once but - twice? By the looks of it, this seller is buying time to procure the other bags which I’ve ordered but I will understand if the seller was just honest and open in telling me that the bags are to follow but it wasn’t the case. It’s a HASSLE filing a dispute, waste of time, energyeffort. I WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN FROM THIS SELLER!

  • di****r

    (Video) Trendy designer crochet knitted broiche pattern handbags designes,purse for ladies

    OMG this bag is EVERYTHING! Ordered Jan 8th received Feb 1st. Real leather first off. Packaged well, box was damaged but the product was impeccable. Did not come with a box but I promise you will not care. The purse is 1:1, you can wear this purse proudly. Color perfect, LV labels spot on, trim perfect, chain perfect a little light but still perfect! Inside perfect. No smell. At first I did not believe all the reviews. But this purse is legit, the reviews are legit. When I check reviews I look for the same pictures or if the person is wearing gloves..which would be the seller posting fake reviews. I look at the background, if the reviews makes sense. I check everything!!! Buy this purse, you will not be disappointed. I need the monogram and Damier Ebene before the price jumps. 2nd purse I’ve ordered from this vendor. The Félicie was beautiful the Favorite is immaculate. The ONLY way you know it’s a replica...the date code is inside the pocket not the front corner like the real LV 10/10

  • se****l

    Really nice bag!!! Seems to be genuine leather, is very soft and supple. Extremely impressed with leather and structure of bag, feels and looks great. Bag is so close to original, with a couple differences: seam on bottom of bag is down the middle instead of on each side; no one will see this, so who cares? Biggest disappointment is the chain: placement and pattern of gunmetal and gold is wrong, and it would be very obvious to anyone familiar with this bag. Otherwise chain is great: real metal and weight is good and solid, the leather woven thru is well done. Not sure if this is same as original, but metal on handle is brushed gold, gold chain strap is bright yellow and matches clasp on front of bag, the gunmetal gray chain looks to be correct color. If the chain color pattern issue does not bother you, I think this is a great bag and a real steal. If not for that, I would give it more than 5 stars! Would definitely buy from this seller again, the quality is absolutely there.

  • ja****b

    Cute slides. Great seller with excellent comms customer service. I ordered 2 pairs on a whim bc they were cheap. 1 pink GG slide the black grid LV mule slides in size EU41-26cm. I’m usually size US 9, sometimes 9.5. Slides are exact fit, probably could’ve used half size up bc my heels are right on the edge. The GG look better in my opinion. The lv damier graphite mule looks very blue instead of gray. Plastic LV emblem is the only logo on the LV mules. Bummer no lv stamped on the actual damier. The pink gg fit a bit better look pretty good. For $25 I wasn’t expecting 1:1 kind of quality. No box, which I knew that before ordering. Seller was very helpful replied quickly to questions. Shipping was quick. Ordered July 11th delivered August 2nd to Midwest USA. Tracking info was easy to follow- especially if u sign up for package notifications on USPS. Slides were bubble wrapped well for safe transit. Overall can’t complain for the price. Received what I paid for. Thank you!

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  • Di****n

    I don’t even know where to start… This bag is so legit- from the receipt that literally has my name on it to every single little detail about the bag!! So I guess I’ll start with the packaging. It was boxed with two layers of heavy styrofoam and taped. Once I got it open, it came with the paper receipts (2, one with my name), an authentication card (which LV doesn’t actually use), the heavy duty dust bag, a real LV box and ribbon, and the shopping bag. The bag itself is perfect, except one little glue spot that isn’t really that noticeable (pictured). The interior pockets and color are all correct to the real bag. The exterior is real leather and all stamping is correct, and the bag charm is a mirror to the real thing. I am just speechless. Shipping took a little over a month to the US. I bought this bag to use for my work as a treat to myself for a promotion I earned, and I seriously couldn’t be happier!!! I don’t think I’ll ever buy from anyone else but this seller on this app again!

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    I like this bag. I posted constructive criticism of the bag compared against the original -but to be fair, it is a $78 bag and I am getting what I paid for. The original is $2,620. Pros: (1)bag comes as described (2) not 1:1 dupe but extremely close to original. (3) very beautiful/elegant + roomy bag, (4)overall bag is well constructed (5) The sizing of this is generally correct to “V tote MM” (Original is 14.2L x 10.6H x 6.3W). Constructive feedback in no particular order of concern: (1)Some loose threads along handle (2)leather handles but bag is probably not leather (3)leather handles darker than the original color... (4)strong smell Neutral: (1)Only comes with a duster (2) shipping was a little over 2 months -I assume not Seller fault I would recommend to a friend because it is a CUTE bag, but it is unfortunately an obvious fake to trained eye...where only around those who don’t know Louis... For the price though? You really can’t beat it.

  • ja****b

    🤩🤩🤩 Wow!!! A-mazing tote bag fantastic seller w/great communication! I ordered April 14th, shipped April 20th and delivered June 1st to Midwest USA. Tracking was accurate easy to follow. Seller messaged me before shipping to confirm my order shipping info was correct! So nice! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This is the replica Ophidia GG medium tote it is gorgeous! When I first opened my package, I immediately noticed the weight of my new bag- great weight, not flimsy, not cheap ass lined cardboard. Stitching is flawless, exterior is identical to the authentic! Also comes with matching wristlet to hook inside bag large dust cover bag. Do note there’s 2 minor things differ from original, there’s no interior zipper no magnetic closure to keep bag closed. But unless someone is an expert, or looking inside, nobody will know. I love it! ❤️ In fact, I didn’t realize the original had a magnetic closure until I looked it up online to compare. I deff recommend this GG tote bag seller!! 💯💯💯

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