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  • ta****4

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  • Di****J

    When I say Phenomenal I mean it! So beautiful! The leather strap is very thick and stern— not cheap or flimsy! Packaged very nicely with 3 receipts for international purchase and it came with the bag from Louis Vuitton. It also has a serial number inside the bag. The bag feels and smells like real leather. The magnetic clasp isn’t centered so it closes a little funny.. from other reviews it’s the same. I compared to my mom authentic bag style mono logo and it’s on spot 90% identical. On the bottom of purse it has the feet so it’s sturdy enough and doesn’t loose shape.This seller is amazing and responds to messages.. I’ve asked. It took 3 weeks/ 10 days to arrive to USA. Cons: checked original purse and it shouldn’t have the gold circle feet at the bottom. Only thing I don’t like about it. Seller responded to my concerns so hopefully we work something out. It’s advertised without feet on the actual LV website. This is the graceful MM replica. It’s kinda small versus my moms authetnic

  • bl****k

    Item ordered on 27 Apr 2021 and item received on 2 Jun 2021, so it took over 1 month to arrive. Pros and cons to this item: Pros: - It feels like genuine leather, smooth and supple, and there was a piece of sample leather included in the package. dust bag included but it seems it was made of nylon, not cotton; - Item looks exactly like in original photos seller sent me with engraved BV logo on metal hardware and inner part of the bag. Cons: - There is not so much space in bag, it is a clutch btw, and it is very tight space, you cannot really expand it. It can only hold a very small and thin wallet and a thin key holder; - Some loose threads on the edge of the bag. Sewing pattern is a bit rough. I found a small scratch on the surface of the bag but it is not deep; - I requested seller to send bag with its BV box but I received was just a brown carton box and no other box inside. Maybe this was a miscommunication, but I was not worried about it, box got crushed btw during shipping.

  • di****r

    OMG this bag is EVERYTHING! Ordered Jan 8th received Feb 1st. Real leather first off. Packaged well, box was damaged but the product was impeccable. Did not come with a box but I promise you will not care. The purse is 1:1, you can wear this purse proudly. Color perfect, LV labels spot on, trim perfect, chain perfect a little light but still perfect! Inside perfect. No smell. At first I did not believe all the reviews. But this purse is legit, the reviews are legit. When I check reviews I look for the same pictures or if the person is wearing gloves..which would be the seller posting fake reviews. I look at the background, if the reviews makes sense. I check everything!!! Buy this purse, you will not be disappointed. I need the monogram and Damier Ebene before the price jumps. 2nd purse I’ve ordered from this vendor. The Félicie was beautiful the Favorite is immaculate. The ONLY way you know it’s a replica...the date code is inside the pocket not the front corner like the real LV 10/10

  • Ch****q

    I have to preface this review by saying that I have some authentic some replicas, and only review items if I’m extremely happy with them or extremely disappointed with them. This is an item that I am EXTREMELY happy with!! The bag feels FANTASTIC in terms of weight, the leather hardware is nice, no smell, packaged carefully. The only things I would say that give this bag away is the fact that the lining, which is SURPRISINGLY GREAT quality, is not stitched tightly and the leather isn’t as soft as the original, but I’m hoping that the bag relaxes a bit over time :) The other thing is that the dust bag came with smudged ink from the LOUIS VUITTON logo... but it’s really not a big deal. The clasp for the bag sometimes gets finicky but this is my first real messenger style bag so I think I just have to get used to it. The bag actually feels extremely expensive when I wear it and I love that the strap is adjustable! Took almost 4 weeks to get to me in Washington DC. Worth every penny!

  • da****g

    Oh my goodness! This bag is amazing and incredible that it only cost $35! I may like this better than some of my very expensive bags. I wasn’t sure about the large monogram as I thought it might be a slightly lighter so I watched a few YouTube videos and it looks crazy similar, especially when you compare the price for $35 versus $2000! Wow just wow! Here are the differences I notice: 1. The bag did not come in a box so it’s creased but I’m hoping that goes away 2. The flower area on the handle needs to be more raised up along the stitching but it’s very slight and not that noticeable 3. The interior red fabric not perfect and there are some loose threads 4. The long straps are slightly too thin but not too noticeable 5. The size; I ordered the small size and I think it might be slightly smaller than the authentic MM but I don’t care cause I like this bag and it holds a lot Overall I’m so glad I ordered this bag and this size. it looks incredible!thank you seller !!!!I’ll be back!!!!

  • be****r

    This is my first order with dhgate and I am truly pleased! I've wanted a neverful for a very long time, but honestly completely out of my budget so I decided to go this route. I can't say enough praise for this seller. He answered every question, sent pictures of the bag I wanted and was so patient with my concerns. He kept me updated on the shipping process all along. I received it in 3 weeks to East Tennessee USA. I highly recommend this seller. I am so happy with my bag! The leather is perfect and the logos are in the correct place. the seams are correct. Other than a couple stitching differences on the side ties there is no differences with an original. No one will know its a replica unless they go over it with a magnifying glass and honestly if you're that close to my purse, you're too nosey! The zippers are great. The logos are on point on all hardware. The smell is disinfectant leather, it goes away! Thank you so much to the seller for helping me thru this process!

  • ni****t

    I will wear it and not be embarrassed. It’s a close enough match to a real LV that unless someone comes and inspects it you will totally get away with wearing it. The biggest flaw is the smell and where the straps are sewn on it isn’t straight. The interior isn’t amazing but it’s ok. If you own real Louis Vuitton you can tell the difference. The material is very nice- it feels very supple and soft like buttery leather. The inside is supposed to mimic the velvety lining found in the LV neverfull-although I prefer the canvas, but it feels a bit cheap and like it could detach easily. There isn’t any lining in the pocket which was disappointing. All the hardware says Louis Vuitton but again if you have a real LV you can see that it’s not authentic but very close. Almost all the seams match up and none of the LV logos are cut off in a seam which is true for a real LV. Overall for under $90 if it lasts a year I’ll be happy and purchase again from this seller and leave another review

  • ak****8

    Let me just say this… BUY THE BAG!!!!! Oh my gosh this bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! Let’s go over pros and cons: Pros: brand name spelled correct, stitching is beautiful, hard wear is a pretty champagne gold NOT YELLOW and it has brand name, Packaging was AMAZING even without a box and there is NO creasing, feels like luxury bag and the handles are perfect!, seller was amazing and answered all my questions and was so unbelievably kind, and my package arrived in about 2-3 weeks which is amazing!! Cons: didn’t come with a box ( I personally didn’t care but some people do), it smelled bad but pro tip is spraying the fabric (not leather) with febreze fabric spray and let it air out, the inside is purple (obviously) Where as the authentic bag has midnight blue (again I personally don’t care but some people do) Over all I think this is 1000% worth it and this seller made my first DHgate purchase the best experience ever and I will be buying from them again ♥️

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