Grackle vs. Crow vs. Raven, Explained - Gardening Channel (2022)

Grackle vs. Crow vs. Raven, Explained - Gardening Channel (1)

by Erin Marissa Russell

Ready to explore the similarities and differences between grackles versus crows versus ravens? These black birds are often mistaken for one another, because visually they are quite similar. But you can learn a few tricks to help you tell the difference between grackles, crows, and ravens. We’ll explain how to differentiate between these species and give you some more information about what they have in common and what is different in this article.

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Crows and ravens are related, both coming from the family Corvidae. Grackles are not a part of this family.

Crows and grackles both may travel in large groups. In contrast, ravens are more likely to be seen in pairs or trios. When it’s time to build a nest and raise young, crows are cooperative breeders, meaning they may have more than two adult birds working on tasks like building the nest, feeding baby birds, or defending the nest area. Ravens will only have two birds working on these breeding tasks.

You can identify crows by looking at their tails when they are in flight. A crow’s tail spreads out like a fan (so will a grackle’s), but a raven has longer feathers in the middle of their tail that make it wedge-shaped. Their wings are shorter than a raven’s, broader, and less pointed at the tips.

Crows are known for their loud “caw” call, whereas ravens will make croaking sounds. They’re larger than a grackle but smaller than a raven at around 17.5 inches long, almost the size of a chicken.

Crows have a thinner beak than ravens have, and their shorter tails are squared off at the end to make a flat fan shape. Their feathers are all black, and they have black eyes, except for juveniles, who have blue eyes.

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Some groups of American crows will migrate, while others stay wherever they are. Crows in the northern part of the territory, in central Canada, are known for migrating south during the winter.

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Grackles of all types eat grain, peanuts, seeds, and suet. When the weather gets cold, they will eat berries, insects, and even smaller animals like frogs or mice. You can see grackles all year long throughout most of the United States. They nest in conifer trees and may nest in large flocks near water.

Although they resemble crows and ravens, grackles are not actually related to these birds. Instead, they are in the blackbird family of Icteridae, which also includes cowbirds and orioles.

Grackles are smaller than either crows or ravens. They’re about a foot long, around the same size as a blue jay or robin.

In contrast to the “caw” of a crow or a raven’s croaks and burbles, a grackle’s call sounds something like the hinge of a rusty gate, with squeaks and whistles interspersed among their croaks.

There are a few different varieties of grackles, so let’s take a moment to look at these different types.

Common grackles have a territory stretching all the way from Canada to the southeastern United States. Males are a glossy, iridescent black color that turns green or purple in the sun, with blue or purple iridescence on the head. Females are smaller and brown. Common grackles are medium-sized birds with long tails (though not as long as great-tailed or boat-tailed grackles) and yellow eyes. These birds are between red-winged blackbirds and crows in size.

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Great-tailed grackles have dark plumage with blue or purple iridescence and yellow eyes, just like common grackles. Unlike common grackles, however, great-tailed grackles have sizable fan-shaped tails. You can tell great-tailed grackles and boat-tailed grackles apart because great-tailed grackles have flat heads while boat-tailed grackles have round heads. Female great-tailed grackles are light brown on the chest and darker brown elsewhere, with light brown above the eyes. The territory of great-tailed grackles stretches from Texas and Oklahoma to southern California.

Boat-tailed grackles share the iridescent black feathers of other grackles. But unlike other grackles, boat-tailed grackles have a flattened head shape. They also have dark eyes as opposed to bright yellow eyes. The territory of boat-tailed grackles includes Florida and the eastern and southern coasts of the U.S. As with common grackles, the female boat-tailed grackle is smaller with dull brown feathers as opposed to the male’s shiny, iridescent black plumage.

Juvenile grackles of all types have a patchworked appearance until they get their adult feathers. The juvenile feathers are brown like a female’s, while the shiny, darker adult feathers begin to molt in through the juvenile coat.

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Ravens are larger than crows or grackles—about the size of a red-tailed hawk. They’re about 25 inches long.

Ravens have a wedge-shaped tail with longer feathers in the middle, as opposed to the crow’s fan-shaped tail. And while both ravens and crows have curved beaks, the raven’s is much larger and shaped to consume carrion, with a downward curve at the tip.

The call of a raven sounds croaky or gurgly, not clear like the “caw” of a crow. They also have a loud screaming call.

Ravens walking on the ground have a distinctive gait. They will often pick up both feet in a little hopping motion as they go.

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In flight, you can tell ravens apart from crows because ravens, like hawks, tend to catch high breezes and soar along. They can even do a barrel roll in midair. Crows will need to flap more instead of gliding as they fly by, though they can barrel roll on occasion, too.

While grackles have straight beaks, both ravens and crows have curved beaks. However, the raven’s beak is larger and more prominently curved. The raven also has bristly feathers at the base of its beak. (So does a crow, but they are smaller and less noticeable.) A raven’s throat feathers are also longer and shaggier than those of a crow or a grackle, though crows have a bit of shagginess on the throat as well. These feathers are called hackles, and the raven uses them in vocalization and other displays.

Ravens are resident birds that do not migrate. They do not travel in flocks, instead traveling in pairs or trios. They mainly eat mammals they find as carrion.

Quick Guide to Grackles Versus Crows Versus Ravens

We’ve learned a lot about these three black birds, so let’s quickly review the best ways to tell the difference between grackles versus crows versus ravens.

  • Beak: The grackle has a flat beak, while both crow and raven have larger hook-shaped beaks. However, you can tell the difference because the raven’s beak is so large it appears almost menacing.
  • Feathers: Check for a raven’s shaggy throat feathers and bristles around the beak. Although a crow has its own bristles and shagginess around the throat, its feathers are much smaller, almost like hair, while the raven’s are large and noticeable.
  • Flight: You can distinguish between crows and ravens by watching them when they are in flight. The crow will flap its wings steadily, while ravens fly higher and glide on the breeze. A raven and a crow will both barrel roll on occasion, though a crow does it less frequently than a raven does.
  • Size: Though it can be difficult to discern the size of a bird in some situations, if you are able to tell the bird’s approximate size, you’re well on the way to identification. A grackle is about a foot long, like a jay or a robin. A crow is about 17.5 inches long, about the size of a chicken. A raven is about 25 inches long, about the size of a red-tailed hawk.
  • Tail Shape: If you can see the bird in flight, check the shape of its tail. You can distinguish between the two larger birds, crow and raven, this way. The crow has a flat fan-shaped tail in flight, while the raven’s tail will come to a point and appear wedge-shaped.
  • Vocalizations: If the bird you’re trying to identify is calling, you’re in luck. These three birds have very distinctive calls. A grackle will whistle, squeak, and croak, and grackles are known for one call that sounds like a rusty, old fence gate. Crows are known for their loud, clear “caw.” Ravens croak, burble, and scream.

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Learn More About Grackles, Crows, and Ravens

(Video) The Spiritual Meaning of Crows & Ravens | Animal Spirit Guides

(Video) Smart raven finds secret to happy marriage. He keeps bowing to his wife.



Grackle vs. Crow vs. Raven, Explained - Gardening Channel? ›

While grackles have straight beaks, both ravens and crows have curved beaks. However, the raven's beak is larger and more prominently curved. The raven also has bristly feathers at the base of its beak. (So does a crow, but they are smaller and less noticeable.)

What is the difference between a crow a raven and a grackle? ›

Ravens are the size of hawks while crows and grackles are like pigeons. Ravens have long, pointed wings in flight and a wedge-shaped tail. They make croaking or scratchy vocalizations, unlike the distinctive high-pitched “caw” of a crow. Grackles have slender bodies and longer tails.

Is the grackle in the crow family? ›

Though they are each large dark colored birds, grackles are not related to crows. Grackles are in the Icteridae, or blackbird family, which includes orioles and cowbirds. Crows are corvids, more closely related to jays and magpies.

Are crows smarter than grackles? ›

Grackles are fairly smart, but they are not considered to be as smart as certain other birds like crows, ravens, and magpies.

How do you tell if a bird is a crow or raven? ›

Crows most often have an even caw, caw sound, while ravens have a deeper, throatier, croaking call. If you're able to observe a bird up close, you'll see that ravens have fluffier feathers around their head and especially at their throat. They also have thicker beaks than crows, with more of a curve to the end.

How do you tell a crow from a grackle? ›

Crows sport all black in more than just their plumage - with the exception of their young, which have blue eyes, crows have pure black eyes. Most species of grackles have yellow or pale gold-colored eyes. When you see a "crow" with yellow eyes, in most cases you've actually spotted a grackle!

What do you call a group of grackles? ›

Flocks of crows are called a “murder,” and flocks of grackles are called a “plague.” I can attest to the name, even if for only several minutes.

Are grackles good for anything? ›

The gleaming black birds actually play a beneficial role in our society. (Well, besides cleaning up those food crumbs you dropped on the sidewalk.) Grackles, which are a native species in Texas, eat insects, for one.

What is the smartest bird? ›

#1: Crow — Putting Two and Two Together

No smartest bird list is complete without the crow! Crows are considered the smartest of all birds for several reasons. Furthermore, it's the variety of things they can do that puts them over the top. In Japan, crows have been seen dropping nuts into a busy roadway.

Are grackles and cowbirds the same? ›

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbirds are smaller with a shorter tail than Common Grackles. Adult males have a brown head whereas Common Grackles have a blueish head.

Can grackles mimic humans? ›

But what you may not have been aware of is grackles can mimic the sounds made by other birds. They've even been known to mimic human noises.

Do grackles eat other birds? ›

Common Grackles eat other birds' eggs and nestlings, and sometimes kill and eat other adult birds. They commonly eat adult house sparrows.

Are grackles afraid of crows? ›

Grackles like agricultural fields and are more of a threat to crops than crows. As much as they like open spaces, they also live in urban areas, making them abundant virtually everywhere. For homeowners, crop farmers, and property managers, these birds can be extremely dominant and harmful.

What is a group of ravens called? ›

Behind the Conspiracy

Many birds are described with delightful or noble collective nouns such as a “charm of finches” or a “parliament of owls,” but a group of ravens is called a conspiracy.

What is a group of crows called? ›

A group of crows is called a “murder.” There are several different explanations for the origin of this term, mostly based on old folk tales and superstitions. For instance, there is a folktale that crows will gather and decide the capital fate of another crow.

Which is smarter crow or raven? ›

Both of these birds are extremely intelligent (though ravens seem a bit smarter than crows) and are quite playful. Ravens have at least 7 different calls and can imitate the calls of other birds (geese, jays, crows). They also use stunt flying to attract mates (barrel-rolling, flying upside-down, and somersaults).

What bird looks like a crow but is larger? ›

Ravens are one of the most distinctive birds in North America. In general, they are very large and entirely black just like crows. They can be found across the Northern Hemisphere with common ravens living in areas such as California, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and Scotland.

What is a small crow called? ›

The little crow (Corvus bennetti) is an Australian species of crow, very similar to the Torresian crow in having white bases to the neck and head feathers (shown when ruffled in strong wind) but slightly smaller (38–45 cm in length) and with a slightly smaller bill.

What is a black bird with a dark blue head? ›

Common Grackle Photos and Videos

Large, lanky blackbirds with long legs, a long tail, and a long and heavy bill. Adult males appear dark overall, but have an iridescent bluish head and bronzy body in good light.

What is a group of hummingbirds called? ›

9. A flock of hummingbirds can be referred to as a bouquet, a glittering, a hover, a shimmer, or a tune. 10. There are over 330 species of hummingbirds in North and South America.

Where do grackles go in the winter? ›

These grackles are the most mobile of the three subspecies, migrating in large flocks to the southeastern United States each winter. In the states east of the Appalachians, from New York to North Carolina, males of the “Purple” Grackle subspecies have a purple sheen on the back.

What is a group of Eagles called? ›

Eagles: convocation, congregation, aerie.

Are grackles and crows the same? ›

Grackles and Crows belong to different families; grackles are icterids while crows are corvids. Crows are also generally larger and heavier than grackles and have different colored eyes. In terms of sexual dimorphism, the grackles surpass the crows.

Are grackles good for anything? ›

The gleaming black birds actually play a beneficial role in our society. (Well, besides cleaning up those food crumbs you dropped on the sidewalk.) Grackles, which are a native species in Texas, eat insects, for one.

Are grackles and cowbirds the same? ›

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbirds are smaller with a shorter tail than Common Grackles. Adult males have a brown head whereas Common Grackles have a blueish head.

Are grackles and blackbirds the same? ›

Common Grackles are blackbirds that look like they've been slightly stretched. They're taller and longer tailed than a typical blackbird, with a longer, more tapered bill and glossy-iridescent bodies. Grackles walk around lawns and fields on their long legs or gather in noisy groups high in trees, typically evergreens.


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