Free knitting patterns (2022)

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Get your hands on a free knitting patterns created by the knitting experts at Woman's Weekly

Are you keen to test your skills with a pair of needles? You've come to the right place because we have a number of fabulous free patterns for you.

Here you'll find cute and cuddly toys for kids plus on-trend fashion pieces that style-conscious individuals will adore. There's even a wonderful vintage knit that'll inject throwback glamour into your wardrobe.

We've also got tiny treats for babies that you can knit up in a flash during a quiet afternoon at home. Once complete, take your mini-makes along to a friend, colleague or relative's baby shower - we've no doubt that you'll be the most popular guest there.

To see what patterns we're offering you right now, grab a cup of tea and enjoy a browse of our gallery. If you see something you like, click through to (opens in new tab) and pop it in your basket.

Next, you need to enter the code GTK before you're prompted to add your payment details. Doing this will ensure you're not charged for the pattern.

A PDF with easy-to-follow instructions will be delivered to your inbox straight away and you'll be able to get started. One of the best things about free knitting patterns is that they're a great way for beginners to hone their craft by trying out different stitches.

Knitting newbies will have the chance to get to grips with everything from moss stitch to cable and stocking stitch.

You'll also be able to show your own flare for creativity because you can make your project using different types of yarn, while experimenting with varied colour palettes.

Do you feel as though you're in need of a little guidance with the technicals? Then don't miss ourfree how to knit videos (opens in new tab)from the experts at The Knitting Network?

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted Womens Jumper With Frilly V Neck

This stylish sweater for ladies will become one of your favourite pieces of knitwear. With the added detail of frills, we've given the classic V-neck a cool and contemporary update.

A jumper that looks fabulous styled with white jeans, it also looks chic when worn with a fitted skirt or baggy culottes.

It's knitted in stocking stitch and the front ruffle is created by two separate strips of decreases. A crocheted chain is laced into the V-neck to finish this on-trend garment.

If you're in the mood to get creative, add the PDF to your basket at (opens in new tab). Type in the code GTK before making a payment to ensure it's free.

Free knitting patterns UK: Bobble Top Tea Cosy

Free knitting patterns (1)

Ensure that tea time is a fun affair by knitting this cute yet cool tea cosy. With a super-soft fluffy bobble on top, the pot warmer - which is worked in broken rib stitch - has a preppy striped design.

A great make for anyone who is new to needles, the knitting pattern is suitable for beginners.

Have we convinced you to get to work on this striking home accessory? Download your copy of the PDF for the pattern from (opens in new tab)k now. Don't forget to enter the code GTK to get it for free.

Free knitting patterns UK: Baby Birds

Bring a touch of spring indoors with a flock of brightly coloured baby birds, crafted using our knitting pattern.

Each bird is approximately 10cm/4in long, including beak and tail. We chos to knit a robin and three feathered friends in other eye-catching shades but any colours will work for this lovely home make.

Have we convinced you to make a selection of beautiful knitted birds? Download a PDF of the pattern from (opens in new tab) now. Don't forget to enter the code GTK to get it for free.

Free knitting patterns UK: Baby booties knitting pattern

Free knitting patterns (3)

Tiny feet require tiny shoes and we think you'll be hard-pressed to find a cuter pair than these.

The perfect knitting pattern for a speedy project, these seriously sweet booties have a lovely lace-up look and are suitable for both girls and boys.

Sized to fit a tot between the ages of 3 and 9 months, they'd make a fabulous gift to take along to a baby shower.

To ensure they're super-soft for baby's feet, we like working them in a cotton DK.

To get this baby booties knitting pattern PDF for free, stop by (opens in new tab) and add the code GTK before you're prompted to enter your payment details.

Free knitting patterns UK: Hippo toy knitting pattern

Free knitting patterns (4)

Little ones will love cuddling this adorably soft and squishy hippo toy. With his sweet smile, dinky ears and a charming tail, he's the perfect playtime pal.

Ideal for a beginner looking to try out some simple stitches, he's really easy to make. Once you get started, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly his body takes shape.

Not sure what colours to knit him up in? He looks just as gorgeous in a combination of pastel tones as he does in bright primary shades.hippo is to make.

What are you waiting for? If you'd like to get to work on this adorable pattern for beginners, visit (opens in new tab). To download the pattern for free, enter the code GTK in the discount box before proceeding to make a payment.

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted girls bag with tassels

Free knitting patterns (5)

An oh-so-gorgeous girly make, we have no doubt that this lovely bag will quickly become the favourite accessory of any budding fashionista.

Despite looking fairly tricky with its pretty stitch pattern and brightly-coloured 'pigtail' tassels, it's really easy to make with our easy-to-follow knitting pattern.

There's plenty of space for her to store all of her essentials when you head out together for a day of shopping.

Get started on this cute holdall today by downloading the pattern from (opens in new tab). Be sure to enter the code GTK before adding your card details to ensure you get it for free.

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted ladies socks

Free knitting patterns (6)

Ensure your tootsies stay toasty all of the time by stitching yourself a pair of dainty socks.

Our knitting pattern - which fits shoe sizes 6 to 8 once complete - requires an intermediate level of knitting knowledge. This makes it a great project for a beginner to really get stuck into.

Pretty with an elegant lace design, they'd also make a thoughtful present for someone special. That's if you can bring yourself to part with them?!

To download your copy of the Ladies' Socks Knitting Pattern, visit (opens in new tab)right now. Remember to type in the code GTK before adding your card details to ensure you're not charged for the PDF.

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted cable and moss-stitch cushion covers

Free knitting patterns (7)

Looking to add a personalised touch to your home interiors? We suggest knitting yourself a chic pair of cushions.

Not only will they instantly jazz up any sofa, they can be knitted in shades that complement your existing colour scheme.

One of the cushions is knitted in moss stitch, while the other features chunky cables for decoration. They're made using patterns beginners will find easy to get to grips with.

If you'd like to get to work on the Cable And Moss-Stitch Cushion Cover Knitting Patterns now, head over to (opens in new tab). Add the PDF to your shopping basket and enter the code GTK before making a payment.

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted cat face baby jumper

Free knitting patterns (8)

Soft + pink + ears + whiskers = a knitting pattern to make the cutest baby sweater EVER!

A knitted jumper that can be sized to fit little ones from 6 - 36 months, it's a garment that any tot will adore being dressed in.

We're sure you'll also be thrilled to hear that this pretty kitty knit with long sleeves is made using a knitting pattern for beginners.

If you're itching to get started on this purrrfect kids' top, visit (opens in new tab). where you can download this pattern for free. All you need to do is add the code GTK before proceeding to make a payment.

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted vintage kangaroo toy

Free knitting patterns (9)

Still just as loveable today, it's hard to believe that the knitting pattern for this kangaroo toy complete with a baby in her pouch is decades old.

A cuddly that would make a brilliant present for a youngster, Mother Kangaroo and Joey made their debut in the 18 December issue of Woman's Weekly in 1968.

The triple-checked pattern is suitable for beginners looking for a bit of a challenge.

Want to have a go at making this throwback marsupial? Download the PDF for this timeless pattern at (opens in new tab). To get it for free, enter the code GTK before continuing to make a payment.

Free knitting patterns UK: Knitted ladies cardigan with draped front

Free knitting patterns (10)

This gorgeous knitted cardigan with a waterfall-style front is set to become one of your go-to pieces.

A top that can be layered over a roll-neck sweater or worn simply with a camisole or plain tee, it's so classic in design that it'll be still be stylish for many years to come.

This knit also looks great worn casually with jeans and loafers or can be styled with fitted dresses for a smarter occasion.

To download a copy of this intermediate knitting pattern for free right now, head over to (opens in new tab). Just remember to add the code GTK before entering your card details to ensure you're not charged for it.

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