Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (2022)

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Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (1)

Best in test, great option for larger knitting projects

BeCreative Yarn Storage
Knitting Bag

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (2)

Our Budget Pick for 2022, sturdy, quality materials

Craftiss Yarn Storage Knitting Bag

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (3)

Decent option, with lots of space, tad expensive


Portability is one of the most common problems of knitting and crochet enthusiasts. Yes, they can technically find a spot everywhere and do their work, but the load of the materials being brought from one place to another, especially with the spools of yarn bobbing up and about in uncontrollable directions would just make the deed impossible.

We therefore decided to review some of the best-selling knitting kits and bags on today. We tested each of these bags, listed their features, gave you a list of pros and cons and our overall verdict.

1. Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (4)

There are many knitting tote bags available in the market that one can buy. However, to get the best out of your knitting on the go, you’ll have to pick the best bag there is to meet your needs.

Miles Kimball Knitting tote bag is the best knitting kit that gives you the power to organize your knitting yarn. (by the way, if you want to know the difference between yarn and thread, this post summarizes it perfectly). With this bag, you never have to worry about the possibility of leaving any of your yarn behind.

Manufactured by MSR Imports in New Jersey, it is built with individual compartments with enough room to hold more skeins than other bags. These compartments are transparent so you are able to see through. Its pockets are large enough to accommodate eyeglasses, gauges, pattern books, and needles, among other things. To prevent fraying and tangling, it has thread yarn lid which grommets. It is by far the best knitting kit available to store your knitting needles and yarn.


The main features that make it the best knitting kit for both knitting and crocheting needs include:

  • It is made of clear plastic that allows you to see what each component holds. Hence, you don’t spend a lot of time going through all the components of the bag to find whatever you are looking for.

  • Has individual compartments, aiding you to organize your materials properly. Each of these pockets can be set aside for specific materials and yarn such as needles, books and more.

  • It is reinforced with polyester to make it strong.
  • Has the capacity to hold up to six skeins
  • Measures 12’’ in height, 15’’ in width and 9.5’’ depth.
  • Has a carrying strap making it easy to carry.


  • It is very durable.Durability is one of the top aspects of a knitting bag that everyone must consider before purchasing one. If overlooked, you may end up with one that gets torn just a couple of days after buying it. However, when you buy Miles Kimball knitting tote bag, durability is guaranteed. This is because it is made from plastic which is reinforced with polyester, making it very strong.
  • Good storage capacity.A tote bag should be able to accommodate all your materials and still have more spare storage capacity left. The compartments in this bag allow you to properly organize the yarn you keep in it. With this, you are able to store all your knitting materials without running out of storage space.
  • Easy to Carry.Since it comes with a carrying strap, there is no difficulty when you want to carry your kit to whatever place you may want go to. It is also designed to prevent any tangling and fraying, making it suitable to carry on the go.
  • It is easy to set up.Miles Kimball knitting tote bag does not require a lot of setting up. All that is required of you is to fit in the materials in the right compartments after which you can zip them up.
  • Ease of storage.Due to its small size, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. With the organization of the yarn inside it does not alter its size and shape either. This makes it easy to store in the house or in your car.
  • It is very attractive.Beauty is another benefit you get from owning one of these tote bags. It has a good looking shape and the yarn compartments are also arranged in an orderly manner. Your differently coloured threads kept in each of the partitions make it look even more beautiful.


  • Loses shape.Though it is well compartmentalized, it loses its original shape after some time. A number of users have complained about this loss of shape, necessitating the buying of a new one after a period of usage.
  • The straps pop off.After a period of use, the loops that connect the strap to the often bag pops off. Many users have reported this and is probably the major problem with Miles Kimball knitting tote bag.


If you have been looking for the best double pointed knitting kit, then it is, by all means, the Miles Kimball knitting tote bag. It is a great choice for a wide range of needs.

Whether you’re looking for a bag to use when travelling, for fun, for commuting, completing sewing projects or at home, it is the best fit.

Furthermore, it is cheap. Many users have given positive customer reviews, indicating that the is popular among users.

Storage Space 9/10

Quality 7.5/10

Price 9/10

2. Be Creative's knitting bag for yarn storage

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (5)

BeCreative is a company that helps you enjoy your creative hobby or leisure activity by providing a wide assortment of crochet, knitting, crafting and creative kits.

If you enjoy crochet and knitting you are bound to fall in love with the manufacturer’s best knitting bag for yarn storage. This is a portable and lightweight bag that helps you organize your crochet and knitting tools.

Also, this bag will ensure your yarn does not get all tangled, which can be frustrating. What makes this yarn storage bag stand out is that it offers an ideal balance between quality and design. Thus, you do not have to compromise on either.

Who is it for?

There are very many yarn storage bags and organizer kits out there, some of which are designed with a certain clientele in mind. So who is the Best Knitting Bag for Yarn Storage for? From just looking at it, it is clear that this bag is designed for persons looking for a portable storage kit.

Also, this storage kit will appeal to persons who handle multiple yarn projects. Basically, this bag is for anyone who loves crochet and knitting and is keen on maintaining the quality of their yarn.


  • The convenience of this yarn storage kit is unrivaled. Fitted with a handle and a detachable shoulder strap, this yarn storage kit is easy to carry around. Thus, whether you want to take it with you or use it at home, this kit is designed for both instances.

  • The bag itself looks very well made. On the outside, the bag looks like it’s made from denim. Inside the bag is blue in color with white polka dots. Apart from having a beautiful design, this bag is also made of high quality materials.The inside is made of linen with cotton lining. In this regard, the bag will not cave in. The manufacturers of this bag do not use any chemicals, meaning that your yarn will not smell.

  • In terms of storage space, you are offered more than enough space to store your balls of yarn. With a diameter of 10.3 inches, this bag can hold at least 10 skeins of yarn. It measures 11.8 inches tall.

Thanks to its spacious interior this bag is ideal for storing multiple balls of yarn to be used in a large knitting or crochet project. With this storage kit you do not have to worry about which balls of yarn to carry and which to not carry.

While this is a yarn storage kit, it can also be used to carry other tools. Five pockets on the bag’s exterior can be used to store needles, crochet hooks, and scissors.

Two additional pockets are also available inside the bag. With all these pockets you can even store your glasses and phone inside your yarn bag. This adds to the portability and convenience of this yarn storage kit.

This goes to show that the manufacturer has absolute confidence in the product. In conclusion, the price, design and convenience of this yarn storage kit make it one of the best yarn storage kits on the market.

Storage Space 8/10

Quality 9/10

3. Craftiss Yarn Storage Kit Bag

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (6)

The most common solution for those starting knitting is having to purchase varieties of plastic boxes for storing yarn.

Craftiss, however, is a company that has found a viable means to put an end to the struggle of the everyday stitcher.

They have manufactured a 13-inch bag that would cater to all the storage needs that individuals have long been searching for, and the container resembles a lunch kit but with a denser fabric material which would not result in any way damage the sensitive contents such as threads and the finished knitted or crocheted patterns.

As a family-owned business originating in Ukraine, Craftiss has set a high standard in their tools, but without removing the touch of a handmade feel on every one of them. They manufacture paper, fabric and home products among others, so we can rest assured that they know what they are dealing with expertly.


  • Made fromall-natural canvas fabric materials with no chemical washes or content, this assures that the bag will not give off any offending smell that would be passed on into the items stored inside.
  • The removable content divider can allow the huge, single space of the bag to be segmented into four parts, and they would easily fit in different sizes and colors of yarn spools according to the user’s preferences.
  • Plus, what might be the best part that this storage container has to offer arethe four yarn slots at the lid, wide enough for even the thickest of wools to pass through without the worry that the spool would be lost along the way.
  • Anyone can continue their hobbies even without opening the bag, and thisprevents unnecessary dust or specks from contaminating the yarn threads inside.
  • The Tiffany Blue colorof the Craftiss bag is cool to the eyes, and the free needle and small accessories case that is included would set the deal.


  • Unfortunately, the bag only comes inone color, and those who dislike the color blue might not be too encouraged to purchase the product.
  • Also, the divider isnot sturdy enough to support the entire bag if no materials are placed in all the four sub-containers, or at least in two of them in a balanced proportion.
  • The bag tends to fall off to the heavier side, and users might find this inconvenient especially when they need the container to stand on its own due to their limited hold capacity.


Still, this should not discourage any interested consumers from buying this Craftiss product. The secure handle at the top can carry the bag no matter how heavy it might get, and any unfinished crocheted or knitted work can conveniently be stored at any of the three large pockets located at the outer layer.

There are also fitted slots for needles, pencils, pens, and scissors to be inserted into, so this is that all-in-one storage bag that everyone is looking for.

Sturdy and light, the Craftiss Yarn Storage Knitting bag can be used by amateurs and professionals alike, and its 1.5-pound material would not be a hindrance to any of the user’s activities.

It has a strap that can be adjusted depending on the preference, and it can be transformed from a shoulder bag to a sling bag in no time.

Organizing and tidying have never been this easy. At an average price of $30, the yarn storage knitting bag from Craftiss makes for a sturdy option that boasts its durability and is definitely worth the cost.

Storage Space 7.5/10

Quality 8.5/10

Price 7.5/10

Wrapping up

So there you have it, the top three knitting kits reviewed. All three of these bags do the job, and our favourite was definitely the Miles Kimball, due to its size and flexibility.

Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag

The Addi Express knitting machine allows you to create beautiful pieces of knitted fabric. It is not only charming to look at but also comes with bells and whistles to make for your perfect knitting partner.

Best (and WORST) knitting project bags - [Top Picks for ] (7)

  • It is very durable
  • Easy to Carry
  • Good storage capacity
  • It is easy to set up
  • Ease of storage

If you enjoyed this article, please be sure to check out our reviews for the best knitting machines, which would work well with your newly purchased knitting bag. Also browse our book review where we take a look at some awesome knit stitch pattern books currently selling on Amazon.

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