5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (2022)

Penny Australia Flame 27" Check price

Penny Australia Flame 27"

Epic Artwork

The Penny Australia Flame borrows inspiration from the 4-wheeled freedom vessels that the '70s and '80s were all about. We're talking about Old Ford, Chevy, and Bedford vans sporting epic artwork on sides. Nowadays, people usually dig minimalism and we have nothing against it. But, surrounding awesome-looking flames with a chequered flag, there's something about this board, something that blasts from the past without deterring/discouraging the future. The downside is that, as much as we like the artwork, the bottom scratches pretty easily, so the print seldom lasts, as unfortunate as it is.

Setting aesthetics aside, what we're working with here is a mid-length Penny board that accommodates kids and intermediate skaters. With the deck measuring 27 inches long, kids and teenagers can practice stability on this skateboard but also learn new skate tricks. Not unlike most cruisers, this one's versatile and pretty maneuverable. the company's playbook, the deck on the board is pretty much flat, which means that the skaters' feet are working with generous space and ample room for boardwalking..

5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (2)

Fast and Responsive

Of course, the company's decks are seldom disappointing but the trucks, wheels, and bearings can miss sometimes. Here though, they're hitting on all cylinders. Starting with the trucks, the board adopts 4-inch cast aluminum powder-coated trucks, nothing that Penny boards have not shown us before. But the wheels, the wheels are a little different. Technically speaking, they're the same 59-millimeter (2.32-inch) 83A polyurethane wheels. That said, even though they're not the smallest wheels, they're more responsive than most 59ers, they pop and flip alright, and they're no slouch acceleration-wise.

While the wheels are not necessarily that soft, they're not bad from a friction perspective, the rebound is solid, and the wheels snap back into shape with almost no delay. They're semi-conical wheels, so, again, the response is alright and the wheels will not stop you from learning and pulling off intermediate tricks, at the very least. Removing the wheels from the equation, Penny boards nowadays are usually sporting Abec 7 stainless steel bearings and this board is no exception. They're durable and long-lasting bearings that do not weigh as much as cast aluminum ones, making the board tough yet lightweight.

Bottom line, people that can appreciate awesome artwork and would like a board that will let them practice stability and learn new tricks should give the Penny Australia Flame a whirl.

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5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (4)

Penny Australia Flame 27"

Penny Australia Blackout High-Line Surfskate Check price
(Video) Top 10 Best penny boards Review In 2021

Penny Australia Blackout High-Line Surfskate

Genuine Surfing Feel

Take a back seat, kids, and let old-timers show you how it's done. Alright, we're not discouraging you, young fellows, here, you can ride and appreciate everything that the Penny Australia Blackout High-Line Surfskate board is offering just as much as the more experienced riders. Sure, both crowds know that the width is where it's at and that the length should seldom be the top consideration. Still, the 29-inch deck that we're working with here deserves at least some recognition, so here it is. But, as much as we like the extra length that lets adults ride with comfort, the board does not bank on this part, not really. What this skateboard is banking on is the company's patented Waterborne tech as well as the double-spray grip.

Starting with the latter, the double-spray grip facilitates barefoot hold, hence the 'surfskate' in the board's name. Owing to this double-spraying approach, the model even enables boardwalking without shoes.

5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (6)

A Unique Riding Experience

Long story short, the double-spray grip is huge, but not as huge as the aforementioned Waterborne tech. No, this is what this board's all about, its angle, its focal point, its nucleus, the best and biggest part. In a nutshell, what the technology is bringing to the table is these surf and rail adapters that you put between the trucks and the deck. With these adapters, you receive an improved turning radius as well as increased control.

Using cushiony urethane bushings, these adapters act almost like conventional skate trucks. The difference here is that they're also adding an important suspension degree, dampening vibrations and enhancing the board's glide so that you can generate speed from pumping. This is where the genuine surfing feel comes from, separating the board from the company's average skateboard. Working alongside the 6-inch cast aluminum trucks, the adapters also enable wide yet tight carves and sharp aggressive turns, giving the board more lean and keeping the ride buttery smooth.

Is there anything disappointing about this Penny board? Sure. Even though the model uses the same Abec 7 stainless steel bearings that most Penny skateboards are using today, these ones become pretty loud with time, maybe it is the adapters' influence, who knows. Nevertheless, Australia Blackout High-Line Surfskate is an absolute blast. As much as we enjoy Penny skateboards, riding this board is nothing like riding most Penny models and we mean it as a compliment, 100%.

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Penny Australia Blackout High-Line Surfskate

Penny Australia Classic Complete Check price

(Video) Best Penny Board 2022 | Top 5 Penny Boards

Penny Australia Classic Complete

Timeless Friendship

The Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard is that old friend that you haven't hung out with in ages but, when you do, it feels like no time has passed and you're still on great terms, clicking and having an awesome time. This is the board that made Penny Australia, the board that put the company on skateboarders' map, the board that defined the company and shaped its future. We're not saying that this is the company's best board though, not quite. When you're going back to the basics, there are always sacrifices, and we will discuss these sacrifices.

But first, the updated timeless look, the all-black paintwork that is both simple and sleek, the totally black aesthetic that makes the model even stealthier than the board that started it all. The look embodies the company's vibe and we can dig that, letting you cruise with an understated yet distinct style - no logos, no aggressive artwork, just you chilling and making memories.

Of course, we're discussing a classic Penny board here, meaning that the model will facilitate learning skateboarding as much as street riding. The board will not be able to support substantial loads but this is always the case with 22-inch decks.

5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (10)

High Rebound Rate

Construction-wise, the board features the classic 22-inch deck with waffle non-slip coating. Supporting the deck are 3-inch cast aluminum powder-coated trucks, Abec 7 stainless steel bearings, and 59-millimeter (2.32-inch) 83A polyurethane wheels.

From where we're standing, the wheels are the best part here. Thanks to the size, they enable comfortable cruising and can keep the ride pretty smooth. With the 83A part referring to the wheels' above-average hardness, the wheels are boasting a high rebound rate, so you feel confident on the streets, tackling substantial obstacles without feeling even the tiniest bumps.

The trucks are contributing almost as much as the wheels though. They're plenty responsive, which means you can make last-millisecond corrections without losing balance. They also facilitate flipping and popping despite sitting pretty close to the board.

Could this board have used rail adapters, like the ones that the Blackout High-Line Surfskate model is using? Yeah. But we're glad this one goes the opposite way, sticking with the basics and with what's been working for ages. If you feel the same way, we can highly recommend trying the Penny Australia Classic Complete Skateboard.

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5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (12)

Penny Australia Classic Complete

Penny Australia Bright Light 22" Check price
(Video) Top 5 Best Penny Boards For Beginners of 2021 | Get A Scooter

Penny Australia Bright Light 22"

Hit the Streets with Intensity

The Penny Australia Bright Light makes an interesting proposition, not necessarily the one that speaks to us but the one that might speak to the youth. While we like Penny boards a little more discreet and understated, this skateboard approaches from an opposite angle, drawing inspiration from the contrasting streets that define modern metropolis areas like Tokyo.

Adopting marmalade orange trucks, ultra cyan wheels, and the company's signature black deck, this board lets you hit the streets with unwavering intensity. This punchy board handles the toughest surfaces with ease, so you can switch between pavements, road tiles, even cobblestone roads knowing that the skateboard can defeat them all. But, full disclosure, we would recommend going easy on/with less forgiving surfaces since the coating on the wheels is not quite as durable as one would hope and replacing these wheels is about as fun as it sounds (not at all).

Leaving aesthetics behind, what we have here is Penny's classic board, not unlike the one that we have reviewed above. The model will fit newbies and experienced riders alike, letting inexperienced people learn skateboarding with relative comfort and ease, while seasoned veterans can attack the streets with confidence and poise.

5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (14)

The Hardware that Backs up the Loud Design

Penny skateboards, even though always affordable, seldom incorporate shoddy parts, and this one fits the same mold. This becomes especially evident when you look at the Abec 7 stainless steel bearings. First, they're relentless yet resilient, so good luck wearing them out. Second, made from stainless steel, they could not care less about moisture and dust, meaning that you can hit every puddle without worrying that the bearing might start forming rust patches or corroding eventually.

The deck's nothing to scoff at too. As always, the waffle-top non-slip coating will let you ride without worrying about slipping and falling on an even surface. Made from composite materials, the deck remains flexible without deforming with time.

Concluding the review are the standard 3-inch cast aluminum trucks that adopt powder-coating to protect them from rust and corrosion 83A polyurethane wheels measuring 59 millimeters (2.31 inches), offering a pretty narrow contact patch with an excellent response.

To conclude, the Penny Australia Bright Light is loud and boisterous yet the hardware that this board comes equipped with can back up the model's loud demeanor, making quite an appealing case.

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5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (16)

Penny Australia Bright Light 22"

(Video) Top 10 Penny Boards to buy in USA 2021 | Price & Review

Penny Australia Ocean Mist 36" Check price

Penny Australia Ocean Mist 36"

Long-Range Traveling

Technically speaking, the Penny Australia Ocean Mist is a longboard. The skateboarding community seldom associates Penny boards with longboards but the company has dipped its toes into this segment before and this model follows the same suit. Even though aesthetics is not what separates this board from its penny relatives first and foremost, we'll start there, so stick with us. Basing its design on the Australian coastline, the board recreates the country's coastal hue pairing a teal blue deck contrasts with sand-colored wheels, adding some uplifting freshness that 2020 could use, no doubt about that.

Apart from its appearance, the longboard disposition is what defines Ocean Mist. Just like most longboards, this one offers a classic and relaxed ride and can facilitate long-range trips. The board is less flexible than cruisers and even less than standard skateboards, so you can forget about easily pulling off tricks that involve flipping and popping. Plus, with the deck measuring 36 inches, thePenny Australia Ocean Mist is quite heavy, much more so than the previous Penny models.

5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (18)

All Roads will Work

However, the upsides are also huge. To begin with, the board handles rough surfaces with ridiculous ease, absorbing vibrations and enabling a comfortable ride even on cobblestone roads. The board is excellent at building momentum and sustaining it, meaning that long-range trips take much less effort.

Needless to say, an increased deck also promotes stability and lets you ride with confidence knowing that some small bump will not be enough to throw you off. Rocks, rough roads, you name them, the board can handle them all. Sure, the board is also less responsive since the enlarged trucks increase the clearance between the wheels and the deck. But the high-tensile bolts that hold the deck let the board support as much as 260 pounds without hiccups, so even the fluffiest riders can tame this one without worrying about the longboard breaking down from the excess weight. Aside from long-distance traveling, longboards are pretty good at aiding carving and facilitating downhill riding. They're also more durable than skateboards and cruisers.

In short, people that are more into long-distance traveling and chilling on a board cannot go wrong with Penny Australia Ocean Mist. It will provide a stable surface but still let you pull off solid tricks (as long as these tricks are not based around flipping and popping).

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5 Best Penny Boards Reviews of 2021 (20)

Penny Australia Ocean Mist 36"


Which penny board should I get? ›

27″ Nickel Board

It's a better option for most people because that extra 5″ really allows you to balance easier. This is commonly referred to as the Nickel board since it's the step up from the Penny. I'd recommend the Nickel board for anyone that wants that classic Penny board look, but with more deck space.

Which penny board is best for beginners? ›

If you are a beginner wanting to learn the basic fundamentals of riding a skateboard, the 32″ Penny Board is a decent option. They are durable and lightweight, and of similar cost to other skateboards. They are designed for cruising, with their lightweight, larger and soft wheels, which they do very well.

Are Penny skateboards the best? ›

There is nothing wrong with Penny Boards — they are a short, cheap board BUT Penny Boards are not a good board choice for most people in most riding scenarios due to their small size. Penny Boards aren't bad, they just are not as versatile as a longboard or a skateboard for transportation.

Are 27 Penny boards good for beginners? ›

Yes! There are heaps of first-time skaters that start on a Penny Skateboard. We reckon it's better to start with a bit of extra board under your feet. We recommend starting on the 27" option of the 22", as it will be easier for you to get the hang of skating and cruising around the streets.

Are all penny boards the same? ›

Did you know that Penny Skateboards come in five different sizes? The standard Penny 22", the slightly larger Penny 27”, the 29" Surfskate, 32" Cruiser, and the 36" Longboard. Regardless of their size, all Penny models are great for different skating styles.

Is grip tape necessary on a penny board? ›

Pennyboards are small fun boards for those who like a challenge, but I do not recommend them for beginner and recreational skateboarders or just about anyone who doesn't want a challenging experience riding. Without grip tape they are unstable.

Which board is easiest to ride? ›

Longboards are a popular choice for beginners because they are the easiest to ride from day one. Drop through boards are even more friendly to beginners because they lower the ride height for extra stability and easier pushing. When choosing longboard size, it is important to keep your own size in mind.

Is Penny boarding harder than skateboarding? ›

For most average size riders (5ft 5 inches to 6ft) a longboard is easier to ride than a Penny particularly if you have never stepped on a skateboard, longboard or Penny Board previously.

How do I get better at Penny boarding? ›


Can you ollie a Penny board? ›

Doing an ollie on a Penny board is possible, but it is not very easy to execute because of the tiny kicktail, short 22” length, and significantly narrow deck at 5.9”. The lack of grip tape is another factor that makes it harder to ollie on a penny board.

Are Penny boards still cool? ›

What is not cool is that the small size of a Penny Board makes it necessary to ride with an incredibly small stance (feet close together) which generally results in a less visually appealing ride style — not to mention less control, less stability and a reduced ability to recover when you make a mistake.

Which is better Penny board or skateboard? ›

Ultimately, whether you should buy a penny board or a standard skateboard depends on what you want from a board. For the majority of buyers, we'd recommend buying skateboards rather than penny boards, as they're more versatile. However, if you specifically want a compact, lightweight board, opt for a penny skateboard.

Is a penny board faster than walking? ›

As you would expect, the Penny board will be faster than walking. Especially if it's mainly flat between your destinations, a Penny cruiser is capable of getting from point A to B in a similar amount of time as a bike.

What age is good for a penny board? ›

They essentially confirm the medical professionals' stance: nothing is lost by waiting until 5, when a child's development has reached enough milestones that they are better able to control the board.

What's the difference between a penny board and a cruiser? ›

They come in various shapes and sizes, even a penny board is considered a cruiser. Cruisers are lighter than longboards and generally taller than regular skateboards. They allow for quick acceleration and provide balance and comfort.

How can you tell if a Penny Board is real? ›

On a real Penny Board, there will be a logo on the top of the deck, front/bottom of the trucks, and on the bottom of the tail. The trucks logo will just have 'Penny. ' but on the top of the deck it'll have “Penny Australia”. If the board doesn't have this, then it's not the real/original Penny Board.

Do penny boards have lifetime warranty? ›

Penny® Skateboards are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date of purchase for all 22", 27" and 36" skateboards, and 90 days for all 32" and 29" skateboards. The Waterborne adapter, trucks and wheels are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What is the normal size of a Penny Board? ›

Different parts of the Penny board structure are available in a variety of colours and designs. They are sold in five different deck sizes, the 22 in (55.9 cm), 27 in (68.6 cm) (the Nickel), 29 in (73.7 cm) "Surfskate", 32 in (81.3 cm) cruiser and 36 in (91.4 cm) longboard.

What size trucks go on a penny board? ›

There are two sizes of penny board trucks. They come in 3 inches and 4 inches in size. The 3 inches may fit the 22 inches penny board model. Meanwhile, the 4 inches size is equipped for a big 27 inches penny board.

Is it easier to ollie on a wider board? ›

Wide decks are obviously better for taller skaters with bigger feet, while shorter small-footed skaters may find them harder to ollie. But it's not just about the skater's height and shoe size – narrower decks tend to be easier for doing tricks so are generally preferred by street skaters.

Can you slide a penny board? ›

How to Slide on a Penny Board (Board Boyz) - YouTube

Should I get a skateboard or a penny board? ›

Ultimately, whether you should buy a penny board or a standard skateboard depends on what you want from a board. For the majority of buyers, we'd recommend buying skateboards rather than penny boards, as they're more versatile. However, if you specifically want a compact, lightweight board, opt for a penny skateboard.

What's the difference between a penny board and a cruiser? ›

They come in various shapes and sizes, even a penny board is considered a cruiser. Cruisers are lighter than longboards and generally taller than regular skateboards. They allow for quick acceleration and provide balance and comfort.

What's the difference between a penny board and a nickel board? ›

The Original Penny Board comes with a 22-inch long deck, which is 5 inches shorter than that of the Nickel Board. The deck is 5 inches wide for the Penny and 6 inches for the Nickel. Furthermore, the Original Penny is designed with 3.125-inch trucks, which are a little bigger on the Nickel at 4 inches.

Is a nickel board good for beginners? ›

Penny vs. Nickel | Best Board for Beginners - YouTube


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