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It’s that time of year again when we’re all starting to think about our crafts and hobbies. For some, they might only think about their patterns during seasonal peaks. For others like myself, it’s a year-round obsession. I suspect you might be the same, too!

Knitting bags are not just a hobby essential that we all should consider a staple in our craft kits but are also increasingly becoming a travel essential for so many of us.

There aren’t too many of us who want to be separated from our projects for too long, so choosing a portable and convenient knitting bag is something that should be considered a necessity.

After all, what would be a better way to pass the time than working on your next pattern while on a flight or sitting by the beach?

The knitting bag you choose is something that has to hold absolutely everything you need to knit any current and future projects, so it’s important you take enough time to consider exactly what you need.

So what are the best knitting bags? We recommend choosing a large knitting bag without zippers so that your precious yarn doesn’t get caught on the zipper teeth. We also recommend a bag with a woven interior and pockets to store your other knitting accessories.

Your knitting bag isn’t just going to carry yarn and needles, but also patterns, accessories, cutters, and other assorted tools. This isn’t a small pocket bag by any means. Rather, it’s going to be something that ends up being quite bulky in most circumstances.

That’s okay. You’re not meant to win any fashion shows by carrying your knitting bag. What you’re looking for is something functional; something that truly meets your needs; and something that offers just enough room to expand into the next project that’s surely on your mind.

That doesn’t mean choosing the right knitting bag needs to be a difficult process. You should look for the following traits where possible:

What To Look For In A Knitting Bag

No Zippers

You should choose a bag that is secured by a drawstring, snap, or magnet fasteners. Staying well clear of zippers and to a lesser extent Velcro will ensure your yarn remains snag-free and is in usable condition when it comes time to work on your project.

Zippers are known worldwide for snagging yarn in knitting bags, which almost results in shredding it beyond any repair. This is definitely something you want to avoid when carrying expensive natural fibers.

Even having a frayed basic fiber will cause more headaches than what’s needed when zippers can usually be minimized on bags.

Consider Size

While it’s almost unavoidable to choose a knitting bag that’s a bit on the hefty side, you’ll want to choose a bag that meets the needs of your project along with having some ability to expand in the future.

This doesn’t mean solely thinking about your future needs and choosing the biggest bag that’s on the market right now. While it makes sense to take this approach, the drawbacks will soon reveal themselves when it comes time to travel with a truly monstrous knitting bag.

You’ll likely have to check the bag on an airplane as luggage rather than being able to carry it on. Trying to wedge such a large bag within a suitcase is a best-case scenario.

It may even have to go on its own, which will almost always result in a damaged knitting kit. You’ll also run the risk of damaging your knitting needles and tools, particularly if they’re made from a lesser wood.

Choose a bag that’s small enough to carry what’s needed and a little bit more. You can always pack extra yarn, tools, and supplies in your suitcase to access at your destination.

Taking this approach is likely to make travelling with your knitting bag and projects a far less daunting experience.

Choose Woven Interiors

It’s always wise to choose a bag with an interior lining. Open mesh designs are prone to losing your valuable tools and supplies and sharper tools will likely snag the bag while it’s in transit.

It wouldn’t be unusual to end up losing everything when a sharp knitting needle rips a gaping hole in the side of the bag causing everything to spill out. It’s for this reason that packing a knitting bag inside of a suitcase rather than checking it on its own is a wise standard practice.

Woven linings provide some degree of protection to the exterior of the bag and helps prevent these sort of travel mishaps. Whether you’re travelling on a plane or simply walking around town, you can rest assured that you won’t become a human pin cushion and covered in your current project by choosing to stick with a lined bag.

Interior linings will generally be made of plastic and not all plastics are created equal. You will usually find bags that contain HDPE, polypropylene, and low-density polyethylene to a lesser extent.

HDPE is the most common plastic in use today as it is light, resistant to moisture, and generally resistant to scratches and tears. Polypropylene is far superior in regards to its strength and should always be considered a top choice when considering the lining of a bag.

It is also acid-free, which prevents leeching of any dyes or chemicals from the rest of the bag onto your pattern or yarn. Low-density polyethylene can sometimes also be found and offers excellent tear resistance compared to HDPE, but it is not commonly used in the knitting world just yet.

It’s definitely something you should keep an eye out for when choosing a knitting bag this year though.

Pocket Space

There’s no underestimating the amount of pocket space you’ll want in a knitting bag. The more, the better and you’ll want to take this rule to heart.

Having internal or very secure external pockets with closures will help you carry around tools and accessories. They’ll also help keep your knitting supplies in good order while preventing tangles from happening.

Pattern Storage

In addition to having quite a few pockets at your disposal, you’ll also want to look towards a bag that can store your pattern safely and securely.

This may be through an integrated pattern storage pocket or by having some sort of flap or cover that prevents the elements from damaging your current project and instructions.

Not every bag has this feature and it’s a relatively new concept for knitting bags in 2020, but it is well worth going the extra distance to find a bag that has this. In a pinch, you may also store your pattern and project in a loose plastic wallet to provide some degree of protection against whatever the weather may bring.

Photocopying your pattern as a backup and packing it elsewhere in your suitcase is also a wise step to take. It’s a just in case kind of thought, but it’s one that may pay dividends should the worst ever happen to your knitting bag.


You should always enjoy the knitting bag you’re carrying and should be free to let your emotions dictate the end result once the logical requirements are all in order.

Let yourself become enamored with the different prints, designs, and textures that knitting bags this year have to offer. There’s such a wide variety of closures, handles, shapes, and sizes that it’s impossible to recommend the be-all ultimate knitting bag.

Taking the time to choose the right bag for your own unique circumstances and requirements will do that for you.

So, with all of these traits in mind, what are the things you should avoid? There’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next knitting bag.

Water-Resistant Knitting Bags

Accidents will happen at the best of times and your very fragile yarn and paper supplies will quickly soak up just about anything that the world will throw at it.

Bags should be made of a water-resistant material at the very least, but you should look towards bags that are completely waterproof. Closures should be secure and offer similar protective qualities against moisture seeping through.

Unfortunately, this will rule out many eco-friendly material options that are becoming increasingly desired in today’s world.

Burlap, cloth, and thin canvas all make great options for short-distance journeys with shopping but are very poor choices for your knitting bag as they won’t have any amount of protection against mother nature.

You’ll soon find yourself replacing all of what you’ve painstakingly sourced and purchased after any sort of rainfall.

One Compartment

While a carry-all design might benefit your clothes and general luggage when you travel, a one pocket design isn’t going to be particularly useful for your knitting supplies if you’re going to be on the move.

You should always choose a bag that offers as many pockets that can be offered. Remember, your knitting bag is a personal organizer as much as it is a solution for carrying around your knitting supplies.

Plus you’re carrying around very fragile items that are sensitive to tangles and rips. A carry-all bag isn’t the right idea for your knitting bag. S

ingle-compartment bags are popular this year but are best considered as home options rather than being a travel accessory.

Sizing Problems

It’s impossible to say the size you’re going to need for your bag, but you’re always going to want to lean towards something that’s a bit bigger overall. Choosing a bag that’s too big though will be awkward to carry.

Where possible, you should “try on” some bags for size and have an idea of what fits against your body well. It is a catastrophic mistake to choose a bag that’s too small, too.

We’re probably all guilty of having too many knitting supplies and accessories. They all need an adequate storage solution when downsizing isn’t a realistic expectation.


Choosing a bag that has a handheld handle as its only carry option isn’t a wise move to make. You’ll want something with an integrated shoulder strap or one that leans towards a backpack design.

While yarn and knitting needles don’t weigh very much on their own, you’ll soon find out how heavy everything is when you add everything together. This will also be along with paper-based craft books, patterns, and other knitting tools you likely have on hand.

It’ll soon become a strenuous chore to carry everything around by hand. Take the load off and allow your body to do the work for you.

So, with all of this in mind, what are the best choices you should be looking at when it comes to knitting bags this year? These make our list:

Best Knitting Bags and Organizers

Here are the best knitting bags and organizers:

RankProductKey Features
1.BeCraftee Best Yarn BagStrand separators, hook/needle pockets, shoulder strap
2.Teamoy Knitting BagHook and needle compartments, shoulder strap
3.Besti Knitting OrganizerMulti-strand separators, shoulder strap
4.Bontime Knitting BagSpaces for needles + hooks, shoulder strap
5.Everything Mary Yarn Arts CaddyFolds up, side pockets, looks nice in home

Naturally, these work really well for crocheters and ambi-crafters, too!

5 Best Knitting Bags And Organizers Of 2022 - The Creative Folk (1)

1. BeCraftee Best Yarn Bag

Check current price on Amazon.

The BeCraftee bag design is based on a cylindrical barrel. This interior drum acts as a holding reservoir for up to 10 skeins of knitting yarn so you won’t be limited to having just one project on the go.

This interior space can be comfortably shared between tools, but the design doesn’t benefit from any interior pockets. Instead, organizers are on the outside of the drum and allow you to carry your needles and other accessories away from your yarn.

Users don’t even have to take their yarn out of the bag either. There are integrated slits on the lid of the bag that allow fibers to be fed through and knitters can get started on their projects without the clutter of removing everything from the bag.

This design is particularly suitable for those who regularly switch between yarn selections and need to have quick access to a variety of different fibers. It is a rather one size fits all solution in that it was purposely designed for those who have quite a high yarn need without excess tools.

The bag’s main drawback is the fact your needles and other items will be exposed to the elements since they’re housed on the outside of the bag.

While your yarn will remain perfectly dry and in tact, your knitting goodies won’t have the same sort of benefit. This doesn’t make the bag particularly suitable for extended travel, but it is an excellent household option for keeping your knitting items safe and secure in one location.

It’s an outstanding first bag choice for those who are just beginning their journey in knitting and are just starting to equip themselves with all of what’s needed. The drum doesn’t occupy much space and can safely be stowed away on a table or within a dresser drawer without taking up valuable space for other items.

2. Teamoy Knitting Bag

5 Best Knitting Bags And Organizers Of 2022 - The Creative Folk (2)

Check current price on Amazon.

The Teamoy Knitting Bag is one of Amazon’s most hotly-selling items for knitting bags and it’s with good reason.

It has one of the most spacious interiors of all knitting bags on the market today and includes a six-compartment organizer that allows you to carry up to six skeins of yarn without the tangling and fraying that commonly comes with keeping them loose among each other.

Similar to the BeCraftee bag, it has integrated slits on the top of the bag that allows users to feed their selected yarn directly from the compartment without removing it and creating a cluttered workspace.

The Teamoy Knitting Bag also ticks the right boxes when it comes to its smart design. It is made from lightweight nylon with magnet closures, which keeps your yarn safe from fraying.

There is an integrated zipper system on the bag, but this needn’t necessarily be used when the bag is at full capacity as the magnetic closures do a fantastic job at keeping your supplies safe from harm.

Its well-thought design also extends to its pocket selection. Each side of the bag has an open mesh pocket system that allows you to store knitting needles and other accessories with ease.

For those requiring a bit of protection, the front side of the bag has a zipped organizer compartment that will keep your items from being exposed to the weather.

It’s usually recommended that the more valuable items in your knitting kit be kept in this compartment and other general, easily replaced accessories should be placed loosely in the exterior pockets.

3. Besti Knitting Organizer

5 Best Knitting Bags And Organizers Of 2022 - The Creative Folk (3)

Check current price on Amazon.

One of the largest entries this year is the well-loved Besti Knitting Organizer. This bag claims to be able to fit everything and it’s a believable claim with total measurements of 12 x 15 x 10”.

It is a very high capacity bag that contains several individual compartments and external pockets, which are all protected by water-resistant PVC plastic and polyester.

It also features integrated grommets on the top of the bag that function similarly to the slits on the other bags.

It will allow you to feed your selected fibers through the holes for immediate use without removing the yarn from the bag.

Besti’s design also benefits from an integrated shoulder strap, which is something that isn’t often seen in bags of this size. While the very high capacity bag could be somewhat cumbersome to carry, its weight evenly distributes itself across your body and makes transport between short distances a breeze.

For longer travel, it’s recommended to pack this knitting bag within a larger suitcase to prevent any sizing issues that come with carrying large bags (or sharp needles!) on board airplanes. However, any unused space in the bag easily collapses and compresses thanks to its forgiving polyester and plastic build.

4. Bontime Knitting Bag

5 Best Knitting Bags And Organizers Of 2022 - The Creative Folk (4)

Check current price on Amazon.

Another popular larger entry this year is the Bontime Knitting Bag. Measuring 17 x 13 x 3”, the bag allows you to carry up to 12 skeins of yarn in their own individual compartments.

It is made of heavy-duty polyester with a timeless striped design that truly looks the part against other bags on the market today.

Where the Bontime bag particularly excels is its completely covered pockets.

Other bags on the market typically use exterior pockets that allow larger items to be carried with ease, but each pocket on the Bontime bag is completely covered and protected against the elements.

There is one exterior panel that is completely enclosed by a zip and two protected interior accessory pockets. As a travel option, the Bontime Knitting Bag is truly a hard option to beat when it comes to versatility and protection from both prying eyes and harsh weather conditions.

Like the Besti bag, the Bontime Knitting Bag also has a shoulder strap. However, it is detachable and allows you to choose how you transport your bag between locations. The bag also includes a handle for short distance journeys.

5. Everything Mary Deluxe Fold-Up Wooden Yarn Arts Caddy

5 Best Knitting Bags And Organizers Of 2022 - The Creative Folk (5)

Check it out on Amazon.

Yarn caddies are becoming increasingly popular this year and the deluxe fold-up caddy by Everything Mary is one of the most popular options available on the market right now.

Caddies are slightly less versatile when it comes to travel, but it provides an excellent stay-at-home option for supplies that are never going to leave the house.

This caddy features four individual storage spaces for yarn and tools and is protected by durable reinforced polyester sides, which is housed together within a solid wood frame providing it with exceptional strength compared to traditional knitting bag options.

The wooden frame is collapsible for minimal storage requirements when not in use, but it’s unlikely to occupy very much space in your home, to begin with. It is also one of the very few storage options available today that is backed by a 100% money back return guarantee.

If for whatever reason you’re dissatisfied with the caddy, then you’re able to return it for a refund: no questions asked. This aspect alone makes it a great time to try a caddy as a storage option. If you find that it’s not the right concept for you and you’d prefer a bag, then you’re able to return the item without any hassle from the manufacturer.

There’s quite a few different knitting bag options this year and it’s highly unlikely you’re far away from the bag of your dreams. By keeping a very few simple rules in mind, you’re well on your way to finding the storage solution that meets your needs perfectly with both style and flair.

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