13 Alternative Travel Tips and Tricks I use on Every Trip (2022)

We all have our favourite travel tips and tricks.

There are hundreds of this kind of post on the internet!

For my version I’ve tried to keep the tips simple, and stay away from the obvious ones that are repeated time and time again on travel blogs.

As I travel more, I learn more, so I’ll be back to keep this post regularly updated.

So without further ado, here are my favourite travel tips and tricks….

P.S. If you have any unique tips of your own, it would be great to read about them in the comments below this post.

1) Unpack as Little as Possible

There is nothing more frustrating than losing something when you’re travelling.

And when do things generally get lost? It’s moving from one place to another.

I’ve found the best way to avoid this is just to not unpack!

For what I do unpack I have a system.

  • Washbag always hangs in the bathroom.
  • Wallet and keys always sit on the desk.
  • Kindle and chargers on the bedside table.
  • Folder of essential documents straight into the safe.

For the rest of it I try to unpack as little as possible.

We use packing cubes, which make this process a lot easier! Need a clean t-shirt? Just pull out the relevant cube, transfer the dirty one to the laundry bag (AKA the hobo sack!), take a new one and zip the cube back up, putting it straight back in the rucksack.

When packing up to leave this makes everything super-quick and stops hours of searching through drawers and wardrobes looking for things you might have lost.

The only thing we lost on our trip to Asia?

The head-torch.


Because we stayed in a room without power and I decided tying it to the bed frame for easy access overnight was a good idea!

The system was broken, and the head-torch is now somewhere in the jungle outside Chiang Mai!

2) Put Your Money in Order

For the irritatingly organised among you (I count myself firmly amongst your ranks), this will be common practice. I mean it surely is the very basis of any rational human being to organise notes largest to smallest, face side forward. Isn’t it!?

For the more liberal-minded out there, then now is the time to start.

When you are moving from country to country, currencies can become very confusing, very quickly.

Let’s take Vietnamese Dong as an example. Both the 10,000 and 100,000 notes are green and have a lot of zeros on them! If you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to mistake these two, your eyes flicking over the additional digit.

But nicely nestled amongst the other notes, there you’re more likely to get it right.

It’s simple, but you’ll thank me.

Oh, and if you’re hoping the street vendors will point out your mistake, they will, but only if it’s not in their favour!

3) Visit UNESCO Sites

If you’re looking for the ultimate ‘Best Places to Visit in the World’ list, then, in my opinion, it’s easy to find.

(Video) 10 Unusual Things to Do in Rome that Aren't On Your List YET!

It’s called the UNESCO World Heritage Sites website.

Places only make it on this list if they have a particular cultural or natural significance that should be protected for the future or humankind.

In other words, they’re a pretty big deal!

I’ve been to UNESCO Heritages Sites all over the world, and never once felt let down. They are the pinnacle of human creation, and the very best mother nature has to offer.

So before I head to a new country, I always have a quick check of the UNESCO website, and use this as a basis to plan out my trip.

4) App up

There are some travellers out there who long for the ‘good old days’, when travel was a complete escape from the modern world.

I’m not one of those people, and take every opportunity for technology to make my life easier when on the road.

I’ve spoken to solo backpackers on the road, who only feel confident enough to travel because of the safety that being connected brings.

A modern phone can now take the place of numerous books and gadgets of yesteryear, so make the most of this space-saving miracle and get your device travel-ready before you go.

Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

  • Maps.me for offline mapping (see tip 14 for another way to do this).
  • GlobeConvert for quick and simple currency conversion.
  • A VPN for safe internet browsing and getting access to your home country’s services (I had always used Tunnelbear, but am now finding NordVPN to be more powerful).
  • Google Translate for translating without WiFi.
  • A Password app for storing copies of your important documents (I prefer 1Password, but you could also set up a folder on Dropbox, though it’s less secure).
  • Uber or the local equivalent (Grab in Asia).

5) Join Local Facebook Groups

There is a wealth of sites on the internet that will help you plan out your trips, but if you want up-to-date information, then the best way is to ask local people.

You will find people willing to help running hostels, behind bars and driving cabs; but for a modern day twist, then try joining the local Facebook group ahead of time.

Most towns and cities will have a group dedicated to the area, often named something like ‘Siem Reap Expats’ or ‘We Love Phnom Penh’. Just type the name of the place you’re travelling to into Facebook search, click on the ‘groups’ tab and see what you find.

Jump in, say help and ask questions that you can’t find an answer to elsewhere.

Our best example of this was whilst in Siem Reap in Cambodia. We were desperate to see the temples of Sambor Prei Kuk, but couldn’t find any tour companies who would take us there for less than $120. After joining the local Facebook group, I asked the question, and within an hour had received a dozen private messages. It took a bit of time to sort them all out, but all seemed legitimate, and after some more research we ended up getting a private driver for $80 from a small company who wouldn’t have shown up in many Google search results.

Even if you haven’t got a burning question to be answered, they’re still handy to hear the local gossip! We were in one small town in Asia where the police went into a bar and arrested tourists for minor offences to make some bribe money. I saw this thread appear on the group and made sure we stayed away!

6) Your Bag is Your Home…

….So don’t buy cheap.

It will be bashed, squashed, scraped and soaked.

And inside will is everything that’s important to you.

Don’t be daft, spend that extra £30 and get a bag that will take some punishment.

And if you’re confused by the options, just buy Osprey! They are as reliable as reliable can be.

It might seem like a lot of money now, but in the long run you’ll be glad you did.

7) Look for Accommodation Near the University

If the city you’re heading to has one, then the university district is often a fantastic area to stay.

In my experience they’re generally safe, with cheap but tasty restaurants, lots of small supermarkets to top up your supplies and a good night life. Hawkers and touts also generally stay away, preferring to be close to the more affluent tourists.

(Video) 20 Essential Paris France Travel Tips

In countries that have seen the worst side of British colonialism or been on the wrong side of our many wars, you will often find the older people to be quite nervous of westerners. But strike up a conversation with the someone from the younger generation and you’ll often find people who want to share their love for their country with you, and are genuinely interested in learning about yours.

This makes the area around the university a perfect place to try and find somewhere to stay, so we often start our search here.

BONUS TIP: If you are travelling alone and want to meet some local people, just go to the cafe of the biggest university in town. Look for a friendly looking group and ask them if you can help them work on their English in exchange for them teaching you the basics of the local language. Unlike in the tourist district, students will generally have no hidden agenda, or try to sell you anything, so some will be happy to help. It’s amazing how quickly you can build a rapport and potentially then get invited out that night or shown around the town.

8) Use Banks to Split Down Money

It’s an annoying part of getting money out abroad; you want to take out larger sums to avoid fees, but when you do you often end up with huge notes.

No-where did we find this more frustrating than in Cambodia. Like a lot of countries, Cambodia is quite cheap to travel when compared to Western countries, but are they still largely dependent on using the US Dollar, with the Riel only used for very small transactions. However, all the ATMs seem to be loaded with $100 bills, and don’t charge a % fee, they charge by transaction! This means it makes sense to get larger sums out, to avoid being charged multiple transaction fees.

Have you ever tried giving a $100 bill to a street vendor selling Beef Lok-Lak for $1!? It ain’t happening!

There are a number of solutions to this, most of which involve spending money in bigger establishments such as restaurants and supermarkets.

But a simple trick is just to walk into the local bank, and ask to change the money into smaller denominations. Most are happy to do this, and I’ve never been charged, though a few have refused. They tend to be more open to the idea if you have used their ATM, so get a receipt, even if you don’t need one, and take it inside to show to the vendor.

It might sound like an obvious tip, but I’m amazed at how many people don’t do it!

9) Get up Early

Yes, I know you’re travelling and it’s a time for relaxing, but if you’re want to see the best of a place, then get up early.

There are so many advantages to waking with the rising sun:

  • The light’s better for photos.
  • There are less tourists around.
  • Pickpockets, hawkers and con-artists will still be in their beds.
  • There is far less traffic.
  • If you’ve only got a couple of days, it extends your time. Flights are also less likely to get delayed at the start of a day.
  • In hot countries, it’s a great way to avoid the main heat of the day, but still have daylight.

I’m not saying you should do it every day, but planning in a couple of early mornings will give you space and time that will really enhance your experience.

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10) Learn to Haggle

It’s intimidating, frustrating and embarrassing, but haggling is just the reality of life in many parts of the world.

If you think you’re doing the local community a favour by not haggling you’re wrong.

If every tourist takes the first offer, the prices will eventually get pushed up permanently, often putting them out of reach of local people.

This article really changed my views on haggling:

To Haggle or not to Haggle: What do the Vendors say?

As long as you do so respectfully, and treat it as a game rather than a challenge, you’ll be just fine.

I find doing some homework and research before taking the plunge is a good idea:

  • Have a look at what the locals are paying. Whilst you shouldn’t be expecting to get items this cheap, it gives you a ballpark figure to aim for.
  • Email hotels in advance to advise on taxi fees. They will be able to tell you standard prices from stations and airports, so you can make sure you’re not ripped off.
  • If you see a gift in a market you really want to buy, chat it through with someone on reception at your hostel or guesthouse. They will be able to give you an idea of the price you should be paying.
  • In large markets, I often find going in at half price is a good place to start. Most vendors see a Western face as an easy opportunity to make money. You will see form their reaction if they’re genuinely offended or if you’re on to something.
  • Use multiples to sweeten the deal. Buy two or three items from the same stall to get a bulk discount.
  • Shop early in the day. In a lot of cultures, the first sale of the day is good luck. Don’t abuse this knowledge, but you will find it easier to grab a bargain.
  • Always be polite. Keep smiling, use phrases like ‘what is your best price?’, ‘is there no way you could help me out?’, ‘I need some time to think’. If it feels like it’s getting out of hand, just firmly, but politely say no and walk away. You’ll be amazed at how quickly a better deal comes your way, and if it doesn’t, you’ve lost nothing.
  • Use a partner to help out. Get them to stand a bit away, so they don’t get drawn in, but still in earshot so they can hear. When you’ve done a bit of haggling, bring them over and say ‘do you think this is worth the price?’. If they agree that it is, you’ve got a deal, if not it gives you another bargaining angle – ‘I’m sorry sir, my friend thinks I’m still paying a bit too much, could you go any lower?’.

11) Get Local Guides

Local guides are a fantastic way to quickly learn about a destination but also a small window into everyday life in that country.

Whilst they are an added expense, using them when you can afford to will give you a unique experience, and usually put money straight into the hands of a local family.

They can often be found for cheaper than you think. We were often paying $6 ($10 with tip) for guides at UNESCO sites in Southeast Asia. We did three full days at Angkor, with a car, driver, guide and water for $50 per person. In the grand scheme of thing that’s incredible when you consider what you’re getting for it.

With a guide you get all of their knowledge, plus the chance to ask questions of your own. You’ll be shown aspects of a site that you would never have known existed if you went alone.

But more than this, I love building a rapport with a person, and then getting to ask them big questions about their countries. With the car doors closed, and no-one else listening, it’s amazing how much people open up to what life is really like. One of my biggest aims when travelling is to learn, and it is in these conversations I learn more than at any other time.

(Video) Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety (Official Video)

12) Photograph Everything

If you’re anything like me you’ll have 10,000 photos when you come back from your trip.

But this tip isn’t about memories, it’s about safety and security.

If you remember this tip it might just get you out of a bind.

13 Alternative Travel Tips and Tricks I use on Every Trip (9)

A photo is the ultimate proof.

Proof that those scratches weren’t on the hire car when you picked it up.

Proof of what you left in the draw at that dodgy hotel where they didn’t provide a safe.

Proof you have travel documents even though your luggage was stolen.

Proof of the condition of your luggage when you dropped it off at the airport.

It might not get you your money back, but it’s a start. And it certainly will stop hire companies charging you for damage they didn’t notice in the first place or help you to travel when the tickets have been lost.

I also suggest photographing your hotel or hostel the second you arrive. It’s amazing how many have similar names and how easy it is to get lost (especially after a couple of drinks!). Picking up a business card from the front desk helps too as these can easily be shown to a taxi driver.

And what if you lose your phone?

Make sure the photos are backed up to a secure cloud so you can access them from anywhere if needed.

13) Search Instagram…

…or any other social media of your choice to be honest, but I prefer Instagram, because it’s so easy to browse.

When reading about a place you intend to visit, it can get quite repetitive. It’s easy to get stuck in an echo chamber of books, websites and blogs all recommending the same locations.

So search for it on Instagram.

It’s the easiest way to find the odd hidden gem. It might not have been written about or recommended, but if you see a photo you like it’s easy to track it down.

It’s how we discovered the Black Spur Drive in Australia. We were heading to Healesville and had read all the guides, but none mentioned this place. One search on Instagram and we noticed people tagging this road-trip.

You might turn up nothing, but you may just find an out of the way little gem that you wouldn’t have discovered yourself.

Oh, and give me a follow while you’re there 🙂

14) Use ‘Ok Map’ to Download Maps for Offline Use

This simple tip is perfect for countries where data is expensive or you don’t want to pay for a local SIM.

If you bring up and area you are interested in travelling through and type in ‘Ok Map’ or ‘Ok Maps’ into the search bar and it will download the map to your phone for offline use.

I have recorded a quick .gif below so you can see exactly what I mean.

13 Alternative Travel Tips and Tricks I use on Every Trip (10)

15) Take the Train There, but the Plane Back

Everything feels like an adventure at the start of your trip. Go slow, take it all in.

But at the end you just want to get home.

If you need to compromise on cost or time at any point, always make it at the beginning. At the end just get home as fast as you can, or you’ll just feel frustrated.

16) Make Your Own Packing Lists

If you travel regularly creating your own packing lists makes the process so much simpler.

I use an app called Notion and in it I have multiple pack list variants for various trip types.

(Video) 🏖️ The Top 10 things to do in Naples | WHAT to do in Naples & WHERE to go, by the locals 🍕

For example:

  • Europe Short-Haul Hot
  • Europe Short-Haul Cold
  • Cycling Holiday
  • Business Trip
  • Europe Long-Stay
  • Road-Trip

These allow me to build lists that are personal to me and fit the type of travel I’m about to do. For example, when I lived in England, European short-haul trips would mean hand-luggage only so would need a different list to a longer stay. I need specific kit for a cycling or business trip and can pack a lot more in if I’m going on a road trip from home.

When I travel I just refine these lists (what didn’t I us? What did I forget?) and update the list for next time.

Now when I go away it’s as simple as grabbing the list and working through it.

Here’s an example of a list I’ve ticked off recently:

13 Alternative Travel Tips and Tricks I use on Every Trip (11)


17) Be An Ambassador

Strictly this isn’t a tip, more an opinion but I feel like we have a huge opportunity to influence other’s opinions where we travel.

I love travelling to learning about other cultures, but don’t forget that the people you meet are also learning about you too. Your country, your culture your way of life.

So try not to spend the entire time moaning about the bad weather, weak economy and sketchy politicians back home. Wherever you come from there are always things to feel proud of and be positive about.

Be An Ambassador.

18) Embrace Being a Tourist

“I’m not a tourist, I’m a traveller”.

Stop that bullshit.

You’re a tourist.

13 Alternative Travel Tips and Tricks I use on Every Trip (12)

Let’s be clear, the locals are not at that huge attraction marvelling at this once in a lifetime experience and taking selfies. They’re working, paying taxes and getting on with their daily life.

Tourist or traveller, no different. You’re there because you’re visiting the place for pleasure. Stay for three months and then we can talk, but until then you’re just like everyone else.

You are a tourist. That’s ok. Be comfortable with it.

19) Buy a Local SIM Card (Here’s How)

The money you can save by buying a local SIM is huge, but that’s not a new tip.

The tip is to use this fantastic prepaid SIM Wiki that shows you all the information you need to know for SIMs in every country.

It’s getting easier to do this now with some modern phones allowing an eSIM which essentially means converting the SIM from your home country to be electronically linked to the handset, which frees up the SIM card slot for a second card.

This allows two SIMs to be run out of one phone meaning anyone who tries to call or text on your original number will still get through. Very handy!

13 Alternative Travel Tips and Tricks I use on Every Trip (13)

Ben Reeve

Ben is the blogger behind TheSabbaticalGuide.com, a site designed to give people the information, tools and inspiration they need to make their sabbatical dreams a reality. He caught the bug for travel at an early age when his dad moved out to South Africa, and now builds regular ‘mini-retirements' into his career, in which he sees the world with his wife Becca.


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Certainly one of my favorite tips for packing light is to wear your bulkiest items on travel days.. If you’re crowd averse, or you simply would enjoy a less anxious travel experience, consider using flexible dates in your holiday travel plans.. As a Veteran Traveler, you will have no time limit on your travels other than the country’s visa restrictions.. They are not only helpful to avid travellers, but also for the ones who are travelling to a distinct place for the first time.. The perfect half about summer time is that it's the right time to get away for a fast weekend journey or week-lengthy household

From route-planning to pre-travel hacks, here are 10 useful travel tips to make your trip smoother so you can focus on the fun!

To help reduce travel stress, one of my most useful travel tips is to make sure we have all of our important travel documents in two places.. But there are certain things that will be helpful no matter where you are going.. Lastly, before getting on with your trip, download all needed apps that will help make the journey smoother.. Before leaving on your trip, be sure to have a map app downloaded on your phone.. I personally love the app called “Maps.Me” for traveling as it shows the location of popular tourist destinations as well as handy places like banks and grocery stores.. Whenever I get in a cab, the first thing I do is check to see if there is a meter.. If s/he won’t, or if there is no meter, it is time to start bargaining.. If you have luggage, state clearly that the price includes your luggage.. Taxi drivers almost never seem to have change (and if they ask for more on arrival, you can pay the agreed price and leave).

“Research and plan these things to know exactly where and why you are stopping instead of traveling countless hours on a single ticket,” said Juma Brown of FlyerDiaries.. “This will reduce the time you spend bored and give you plenty of additional opportunities to create memories.” These anchor stops also dictate how much you have to drive daily to meet your schedule.. And if you’re traveling with kids, these stops will break your journey and help them manage the long waits between them.. Speaking of safety, it is also a good idea to end the travel day as soon as it gets dark, as the night is by far the most dangerous time thanks to more drunk and sleepy drivers.. If you’re traveling with kids, don’t hand out all of the activities and treats at the start of the trip.. If you are planning a long trip, make sure you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature puts in your way.. With these statistics in mind, there are steps you should take to prepare for long journeys before you get behind the wheel – and to stay alert and energetic while driving.. Carrying a variety of healthy, vitamin-rich foods with you will allow you to grab smaller snacks during the long drive while skipping fast food stops.. One of the most important tips for road trips is to get out of the car every two hours or more and stretch your legs, our experts recommend.. Plan for these stops on your long journey, whether it be around meal times or can be planned so that you can see places of interest.. “You don’t need a sugary strain to get the effects you want,” said Breus, a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health.. “Laughing,” he says, “will keep you awake.” With these long trip tips, you and your car can travel safely.

From making the elevator go directly to your floor to fixing a broken zipper, these not-so-well-known tips make travel a little bit easier. (Shh, don't tell—we like keeping them a secret.)

From making the elevator go directly to your floor to fixing a broken zipper, these not-so-well-known tips make travel a little bit easier.. Here is a trick that pizza deliverymen have supposedly been using for years: If you want to upgrade your elevator to VIP status, simply press the desired floor number and the "door close" buttons simultaneously for several seconds.. The elevator will override other requests and skip all other floors, whisking you away to your destination and making you feel like a big shot in no time.. (While elevator manufacturers claim that this may not work on all models, a quick bit of scientific "research" in a condo building's elevator proved that it does—much to the chagrin of my neighbors.). (Photo: Pushing Elevator Buttons via Shutterstock) Here is a trick that pizza deliverymen have supposedly been using for years: If you want to upgrade your elevator to VIP status, simply press the desired floor number and the "door close" buttons simultaneously for several seconds.. The elevator will override other requests and skip all other floors, whisking you away to your destination and making you feel like a big shot in no time.. (While elevator manufacturers claim that this may not work on all models, a quick bit of scientific "research" in a condo building's elevator proved that it does—much to the chagrin of my neighbors.). (Photo: Free Wi-Fi Finder) Paying for Wi-Fi access is a traveler's pet peeve, especially when stuck in an airport on an infinite layover.. Never be left analog again: This handy Lifehacker article, " The Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi ," rounds up a number of ways to locate a hot spot free of charge.. (Photo: LOT) When booking international flights, don't forget to compare fares to those on the airline's foreign-language website.. "Pad the wallet with some small bills and make it look more real by slipping in one or two of those sample credit cards you get with offers in the mail," recommends SmarterTravel Senior Editor Christine Sarkis.

We all have favorite travel tips and tricks. There are hundreds of such posts on the Internet! For my version, I try to keep the tips simple and avoid obv

If you are looking for the hottest list of “Best Places to Visit in the World”, I think it’s easy to find.. So don’t buy cheap.. This makes the area around the university a perfect place to try to find a place to live, so we usually start our search here.. See what the locals pay for.. They can give you an idea of ​​the price you have to pay.In big markets, I always find that half price is a good start.. You may not be able to get your money back, but it’s a start.. This simple tip is great for countries where data is expensive or you don’t want to pay for a local SIM.. “I’m not a tourist, I’m a traveler.”

Travel 101: The 60+ Best Travel Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Make The Very Most Of Your First Trip Abroad.

But don’t despair… there are a lot of travelers that were in your shoes not too long ago, and now they are living the dream!. After all, the whole point of traveling is to experience new things and places, not to save money!. Don’t be naive, but also don’t be paranoid when you travel.. Get used to the typical backpacker questions: “Where are you from?”, “How long have you been traveling?”, and “What’s your favorite country?” They are good icebreakers and you will hear them over and over again.. Travel responsibly and leave a place better than you found it.. Get the best travel tips from locals or other backpackers at your destination.. Travel the way you want and not how everyone else tells you too.. After all, you aren’t traveling to your home country!. Do you have any more travel tips that you would like to share with us?

Travel tips & tricks are one of my favorite things to read from other travelers, so I decided to create my own list! After packing quite a few times and traveling different types of locations, I must say I already learned a lot about traveling from experience...

Travel tips & tricks are one of my favorite things to read from other travelers, so I decided to create my own list!. After packing quite a few times and traveling different types of locations, I must say I already learned a lot about traveling from experience.. I never forget the time I saw someone walking away from the baggage carousel with my suitcase (because it looked exactly the same, except for a small colored strap, I thought would be noticed) or the pain walking around with serious blisters.. So here are quite some travel tips and tricks that will make your travels a little easier!. Before checking in your suitcase, take a picture of it.. In case your luggage gets lost, it’s easier for airport staff to find your suitcase.. Also my photography gear and chargers are packed in my hand luggage, because to me these are the most important items when I travel.. A stack of shirts, my pair of jeans, my shoes,… Even my toiletries because I don’t return with them and this is extra weight to replace with a fun souvenir or something new to wear.. Then walk on the right side of the sidewalk.. Then the most polite thing to do is to walk on the left side of the sidewalk.. After all it will be those things you’ll remember later.. Make sure to take a print of your hotel’s address and a marked map where to find it.. Trust me, you don’t want to waste time looking for a certain camera function when you need to take that picture NOW!

Planning a long trip? Want to take off around the world? Here are 10 travelling tips and tricks for your extended world travels.

These travelling tips and tricks from world explorer Danny Newman will get you started.. 2- Take a Smaller Backpack These top travel tips will help you plan your next adventure.. 4- Don’t Plan (Too Much) Take a tip when travelling and don’t make too many firm plans.. You’re heading to a new place, far from your loved ones and the comfort of what you know.. 10- Go Now, Not Later The best time to go is now.. Don’t hold back and tell yourself you’ll do it when you’re older and have more money.. Book a ticket before you can talk yourself out of the trip.. These are my top 10 travel tips for anybody thinking of hitting the road whenever coronavirus finally disappears.

We know there are no ‘ultimate travel tips’, as list of travel tips goes on and on, but it’s a catchy title, don’t you think? 😊 On a serious note,

We had a separate post about this; it is very important to book your tickets in advance so you can get good deals.. Tour guides usually don’t ask you to pay anything but they’re expected to leave a tip to guide if you’re happy with a tour, of course (you are giving tip to paying guides, anyway).. This doesn’t mean that you’ll spend more money – just to have a backup plastic with you in case of emergency.. Since you will be travelling and moving, good and comfortable shoes is a must.. We know it is very important to plan your trip.. Take photos of yourself and people you are travelling with.. Even the most advanced and most expensive phones have batteries that usually last for one day or so at most.. This means that if you walk into a Starbucks or McDonald’s anywhere in the world, you would expect to have familiar food and drinks and free Wi-Fi.. Of course, if budget is not your problem then feel free to eat in the most expensive places as you wish, but the problem is, those places usually don’t serve good food and souvenirs are not that great.

Travel is like everything else in life, the more you do the more you learn. If you're looking for a helping hand along the way here are 31 travel tips from some of the best travel bloggers

Travel is like everything else in life, the more you do it the more you learn.. But we’re all looking for a helping hand along the way, so here are 31 travel tips from some of the best travel writers and bloggers in the world.. My dream is to fill tons and keep them for my children or grandchildren to inspire them to travel!” quote=”Keep a travel journal.. Never rush from one experience to another, give yourself time to relax and enjoy your travel at the same time as you experience new stuff.. They have saved me more times that I can count, and both make travel way easier.”. 16) “Don’t be afraid to travel alone.. Guidebooks are great for giving you practical information, but travel blogs are where you will find recommendations from people who have travelled to the same places as you.. Find a few travel bloggers you like and read up on their experiences to have an idea of what a place is going to be like.. 19) “Don’t be afraid to travel alone.. Solo travellers are more common then not on the road, and you will inevitably end up travelling together and forming amazing friendships.. 25) “Airlines don’t frequently lose luggage, but if you want to make sure you have your luggage during your trip, pack light and carry all of your luggage on the plane with you.. Travel bloggers at one of the most popular travel blogs in the world ThePlanetD.com .

Bon voyage!

Whether you’re wondering how to pack efficiently, find the cheapest flight or score major hotel deals, you’ll love this ultimate travel hack list for explorers.. These men and women could use a little love for all they do, so we asked a handful of flight attendants what it would take to make their day.. The flight search engine does everything you assume it would, like locate flights based on your ideal outbound time, inbound time and number of stops.. Ever wondered if there’s a magic number of days before a flight when tickets are at their cheapest?. Fifty-four days before takeoff is, on average, when flights within the continental U.S. are at their absolute lowest price.. And if you don’t hit 54 days on the head, you should usually book between 105 to 21 days before your trip ― within a so-called “prime booking window” ― for the lowest possible prices.. They tracked flights from the day they went on sale (usually about 11 months in advance) until the day of takeoff to see when each fare hit its lowest point.. These genius flight hacks minimize the headache that comes with busy airports and long flights.. We were familiar with some tips, like the speed of TSA PreCheck and the ability to cancel almost any flight within 24 hours of booking, but other hacks were shocking news: You could get in-flight food faster as a vegetarian?. Sure, you know how to book a hotel on your own because you’ve got a credit card and the Internet.. To turn you from hotel amateur to hotel pro, we’ve probed the minds of lodging experts to hear their tips on saving the most money and maximizing every hotel stay you book.. Business Insider chatted with several experienced flight attendants about the travel tips they swear by.. Here are five great cruise cabin travel hacks that will change the way you cruise forever.. Every cent counts for budget travelers, and the internet is full of helpful tips for saving money.

I learned to avoid cities at 5 pm, take the car to a mechanic and find the best snacks! Use my road trip tips for your next adventure!

As a frequent traveler, I have learned to get creative to make the most of my time when going on road trips.. On a road trip, it’s not hard to find yourself in a city at rush hour.. Your body already is running on low energy since you’ve been sitting in the car for hours.That’s why I recommend packing a good bag of snacks for a road trip!. A few Packing Tips Just for A Road Trip:. Bonus tip: If you’re going hiking or camping on your road trip, see Hiking Packing List for everything you’d need on your hike!. If you’re traveling across states or countries, make sure you’re aware of the rules of the road for the US states (each state has its own rules), see them at USA.gov .. Use my list of things to do on your long distance road trip to make the trip go by faster!. If you have the time, look for other fun things to do on your road trip.. Are you going on a road trip soon?

International Travel Trips for first-time travelers. There are many unknowns when traveling abroad, so we have teamed up with Mike of MikesRoadTrip.com...

There are so many unknowns when traveling to a foreign land, so we have teamed up with veteran international traveler, Mike Shubic of MikesRoadTrip.com to provide some international travel tips and tricks.. Here are some of my international travel tips and tricks that I hope will help you the next time you travel abroad.. The first of my international travel tips is to start and stay organized throughout your trip.. Just in case you lose your passport, credit card, or other important documentation, take photos of everything you are traveling with so you have a copy on your phone.. There are so many niche travel apps and while I use many like Uber, Travelocity, and Google Translate, the most indispensable travel app I use is Tripit .. If you use your phone for your boarding pass, a pro travel tip is to take a screen shot of the image so that when you go to scan it at the gate, the image stays in place and does not move into landscape mode.. Before you leave your home country, don’t forget to call your credit card companies and let them know in which countries you will be traveling to so that the fraud alert department does not turn off access to your card(s).. You will also discover that traveling east is much more difficult than traveling west.. If you have any international travel tips to help new travelers, please leave a comment below and share them.

How to travel for CHEAP! We love to travel and get asked all the time how we travel for cheap! We are sharing out best travel tricks, tips, and hacks!

We're talking free money here, so why wouldn't you use it?. This will help save so much money during your trip.. If you plan to travel with another family, stay more than 3 nights, or just have a large family like ours, renting a house may be a cheaper option.. You can get the best deal on flights if you book your flight 54 days before your trip.. So book your flight on a Tuesday that's 54 days before your trip and you'll be saving.. Use the same tips when you're looking for flights, hotels and transportation if you're doing it on your own.

On this put up, I'm sharing some helpful and straightforward magnificence suggestions and tips I got here throughout. Do learn

Eyeshadow stick can be utilized as eyeshadow in addition to eyeliner.. Apply vaseline to createa dewy glow in your cheeks.. You may get a dewy glow through the use of a highlighter or illuminator above your cheekbones and on the forehead bone, simply beneath your eyebrows.. Thus making it last more.. You may make any lipstick matte with translucent free powder and / or a tissue.. You may make your lipstick last more by filling in your lips with lip liner earlier than making use of lipstick.. You may mix clear nail polish with outdated or damaged eyeshadow or blush to make your personal customized nail color.

Lots of great ideas to help you travel solo large on a small budget.

When you travel solo, when you’re not sharing the cost of a room or you’re facing the single supplement, saving money is important.. How to get a deal or just generally save on the cost of travel is changing all the time.. Here are some of my best tips along with some resources and advice from other travelers and travel bloggers.. Travel at the right time – Travel on the shoulder or off season to get the best deals and miss the crowds.. Check and check again – Check the travel search engines to find the best deals on flights but, before you book, see what the price of your preferred flight combination is on the carrier’s website.. Stay in a university or college residence – If you are traveling during the summer, try to stay at university and college residences.. 25,000 concise and free travel guides – There are many free travel guides online.. Free travel apps for your smart phone – From subway navigation apps to translation apps, there are thousands of free phone apps that are great for travel.. Read Travel Apps that Save Money and Make Travel Easier.. Every month in the Solo Traveler newsletter , I share links to budget travel tips and cool travel info.. On the third Monday, I send out the Solo Travel Advisory with deals that come my way that are great for solo travelers.

How do you go further? And how do you stay longer? Here are a few budget travel tips and tricks that might help you!

People often ask me how I can afford to spend so much time travelling.. So live accordingly: Don’t spend your money on things you don’t really care about.. Use this money only for travelling and for travelling only!. ŸWhile we’re at making money from things you don’t need while on the road: Do you have a car?. ŸA good general trick to save money while travelling is to go when other people don’t: off-season .. Besides, you get to know local people and, thus, learn a lot about the country you are travelling in.. Often, you don’t actually pay much more for those, but they get you so much further !. Choose a place where you see a lot of locals eating.. Go for those and you’ll be saving big time !. Also you will most likely get a great introduction to the place you’re at, receive many insider tips and, quite often, even make a new friend .. Just give them time!If you don’t feel like socializing though, get your own private place, for example through AirBnB.. You can travel a lot further and a lot longer than you think your budget allows you.. It is a matter of saving.


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